Tactical RPG ‘The Way of Wrath’ Demo Released

Independent developer Animmal today announced that the story-rich tactical RPG, The Way of Wrath, has released a free beta demo as part of the Steam Game Festival. From today until June 22nd players can experience this unique medley of classic turn-based roleplaying, survival and base management in a world ridden with myths and dark rituals.

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In an ancient world where gods, curses, and shaman powers reign over human lives, a gruesome decade-long war has come to a bitter end for the Thein faction. Fleeing in desperation for their lives, the Thein tribesmen return to the unforgiving Northern lands to lick their wounds. But their escape is cut short by the large enemy force on their tail. The only way to survive imminent death is to gather remaining allies, scavenge the bleak no-man’s land for supplies and rebuild defenses of an old fort to withstand the brutal enemy assault. Leading people is no easy task, as desperation, petty squabbles and superstitions follow these war-torn soldiers every step of the way.

The Way of Wrath was born out of our love for old-school RPGs. We took everything we admire about classic roleplaying games, including interactive story, tactical combat, a beautifully handcrafted world, and mixed in new elements like survival and fort management, creating our own unique take on the genre,” said Dato Kiknavelidze, co-founder of Animmal. “We are extremely excited to invite players into the derelict Northern lands of Thein during the beta to help us shape the game based on their feedback in preparation for the Steam Early Access launch later this year.”

The Way of Wrath

Coming to Steam Early Access in 2020, The Way of Wrath is a narrative-driven tactical RPG featuring turn-based, dynamic combat, and a non-linear world where player’s decisions matter. Players journey a meticulously handcrafted landscape carrying out quests and interacting with NPCs, each having their own interactive storyline that is influenced by player choices. The grim world of The Way of Wrath presents an abundance of obstacles, including unrelenting environmental hazards, scarce supplies, and vicious enemies. Players not only have to unite a ragged group of warriors and rebuild a rundown fort before the enemy forces attack but also must maintain the morale of the troops, as in the face of adversity loyalty is hard to come by.

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