Team17 Digital Announces Partnership with Lichthund for New PC and Console Game

Team17 Digital Partners with Lichthund for New Game

Team17 Digital, a renowned publisher of indie games, has announced a new partnership with Lichthund, an award-winning development studio based in Warsaw. Lichthund gained recognition in 2016 with the release of their debut title, Lichtspeer, an action game centered around throwing spears of light. The collaboration between Team17 Digital and Lichthund will focus on the development and publishing of an original, yet-to-be-announced game for PC and consoles.

Team17 Digital’s CEO, Michael Pattison, Excited about Collaboration

Michael Pattison, the CEO of Team17 Digital, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership and the upcoming project from Lichthund. He stated that the new game promises to be as unique as Lichtspeer, emphasizing the commitment of Team17 Digital to support exceptional developers and provide gamers with diverse and compelling indie games. With a portfolio boasting nearly 150 titles, this collaboration with Lichthund will further strengthen Team17 Digital’s game lineup.

Lichthund CEO, Rafal Zaremba, Shares Excitement for Partnership

Rafal Zaremba, CEO of Lichthund, expressed his excitement regarding the collaboration with Team17 Digital. Zaremba emphasized the importance of partnering with a publisher that shares their values and creative vision. The goal of the collaboration is to exceed previous production values and create a game that truly captivates and immerses players in a unique and thrilling experience. Zaremba expressed eagerness to reveal more details about the game, highlighting the dedication and passion Lichthund has poured into its development.

This partnership between Team17 Digital and Lichthund brings together two innovative entities in the gaming industry, each known for their distinctive approach to game development. With their combined expertise and commitment to excellence, gamers can expect an exciting and high-quality title for both PC and console platforms. Stay tuned for further updates on this upcoming game from Lichthund, as it promises to deliver another remarkable gaming experience.

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