The 7 Crimes of Kullervo: Warframe’s Latest Update Brings Thrilling Sci-Fi Action to the World of Duviri

Digital Extremes, the renowned game developer, is set to launch its latest update, “The 7 Crimes of Kullervo,” for the popular sci-fi action game Warframe. Unveiled during the Warframe Devstream 171, this highly anticipated update will introduce a wealth of new content, including a new playable Warframe, Kullervo, and a captivating new area within the void-wrecked world of Duviri. With exciting gameplay mechanics, unique puzzles, and challenging enemies, players can expect an immersive experience that delves into the secrets of Duviri’s depths. Scheduled for release in June on all platforms, Warframe enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating this thrilling update.

Exploring the Depths of Duviri

“The 7 Crimes of Kullervo” takes players back to the mysterious world of Duviri, where a new area awaits exploration. The update introduces an infinite dungeon-like prison on a previously undiscovered island of Duviri. Players will navigate this treacherous environment, facing deadly turrets, unraveling intricate puzzles, and overcoming various challenges as they venture through the haunting maze of fractal landscapes. Their goal? To uncover the secrets hidden within these depths.

Kullervo: A New Warframe Awaits

At the heart of the update lies the 53rd playable Warframe, Kullervo. This character embodies a violent and vengeful nature, trapped within the Executioner’s infinite prison of Duviri. Players will embark on a quest to release Kullervo from his captivity, engaging in battles against the imprisoned warrior. Throughout their journey, they will gain insights into the tragic crimes committed by Kullervo, gradually unraveling the hero’s compelling backstory.

Fresh Content and Gameplay Mechanics

“The 7 Crimes of Kullervo” introduces an array of new content to enrich the Warframe experience. Alongside the new Warframe, players can expect additional levels and 15 Decrees, including 5 Corrupted Decrees inspired by the mind of Dominus Thrax. Duviri Exterminate Missions will allow players to battle an iconic enemy within the captivating Undercroft Tileset. Exciting gameplay mechanics and activities, such as the updated Gardening Resource Loop and the return of Kaithe racing, promise to provide endless hours of entertainment and exploration within the game.

Wisp Prime Access: Command Graceful Destruction

For Warframe enthusiasts seeking even more thrilling gameplay, Wisp Prime Access offers an opportunity to unlock or earn the primed variant of the enigmatic enchantress, Wisp. With Wisp Prime, players can summon apparitions from beyond the breach and unleash devastating attacks on enemies. Wisp Prime comes with improved base stats, additional Polarity slots, and the signature gold trim of a Prime variant. Alongside Wisp Prime, players can also acquire her signature weapons, Fulmin Prime and Gunsen Prime, along with exclusive Customizations. This exciting package will be available for all platforms during the summer.

Nightwave Nora’s Mix Vol. 4: More Rewards Await

To further engage Warframe players, the recently released Nightwave Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 provides a fresh mix of Acts and Rewards to earn. Players can embark on new challenges and unlock exciting rewards, including the Kaithe’s Grace Sigil, The Drifter Keeler Suit, Eukar Claw Skin, and two new Weapon Augment Mods for the Ocucor and Battacor. Existing rewards players have already unlocked will be replaced with Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 Cred, which can be traded for these enticing rewards.

“The 7 Crimes of Kullervo” is an eagerly awaited update for Warframe enthusiasts, bringing a host of new content and an enthralling storyline to the ever-expanding world of Duviri. With the introduction of the formidable Kullervo Warframe, players will embark on a thrilling adventure through an infinite prison, overcoming challenges, solving puzzles, and battling enemies to uncover the truth behind Kullervo’s crimes.

Digital Extremes has once again demonstrated their commitment to delivering an immersive gaming experience with “The 7 Crimes of Kullervo.” The addition of new levels and Decrees ensures that players will have ample opportunities to diversify their gameplay within Duviri. The inclusion of Corrupted Decrees, directly inspired by the creative mind of Dominus Thrax, adds an extra layer of excitement and complexity to the game.

Moreover, the update introduces the intense Duviri Exterminate Missions, where players can confront an iconic enemy within the alluring Undercroft Tileset. The intricate fractal landscapes and deadly turrets further enhance the immersive experience, providing players with a visually stunning and challenging environment to navigate.

In addition to the new content, “The 7 Crimes of Kullervo” introduces exciting gameplay mechanics and activities that will keep players engaged. The updated Gardening Resource Loop allows players to cultivate resources and enhance their gameplay progression. Furthermore, the highly anticipated return of Kaithe racing adds a competitive edge, allowing players to showcase their skills in exhilarating races within the world of Duviri.

For those seeking even more action and power, Wisp Prime Access presents an opportunity to command graceful destruction. Players can acquire the primed variant of the enigmatic enchantress, Wisp, along with her signature weapons, Fulmin Prime and Gunsen Prime. The enhanced stats and additional Polarity slots of Wisp Prime, combined with the striking gold trim, make this a coveted addition to any Warframe arsenal.

Furthermore, Nightwave Nora’s Mix Vol. 4 offers players a fresh mix of Acts and Rewards to explore. By completing these challenges, players can earn exciting rewards such as the Kaithe’s Grace Sigil, The Drifter Keeler Suit, Eukar Claw Skin, and two new Weapon Augment Mods for the Ocucor and Battacor. This ensures that players are continually rewarded for their dedication and skill, encouraging them to delve deeper into the game’s captivating universe.

“The 7 Crimes of Kullervo” is set to captivate Warframe players with its immersive storyline, challenging gameplay, and an abundance of new content. As Digital Extremes continues to push the boundaries of the Warframe universe, players can anticipate an unforgettable gaming experience when the update arrives in June. Prepare to embark on a journey through the depths of Duviri, battling enemies, solving puzzles, and uncovering the secrets that lie within the infinite prison. Warframe enthusiasts, get ready for an adventure unlike any other.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S

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