The Last of Us: Review, Rating, Assessment

You might be pretty familiar with this 2013 video game from Naughty Dog. Well, the good news is this exciting PlayStation video game is getting its movie series. Yes, you got that right! HBO has decided to take up the role of re-enacting the console game into a real-life series adaptation. As a result, like many other games, Last of Us will get permission to play this adventure game and series from their homes. It’s the best news since we discovered online casinos that accept Australian players. If you are excited about the upcoming series like we are, then let’s take you through the breakdown of the game. In this article, you will know what to expect in the series through the game’s overview, plot, gameplay, and ratings.

Game Overview

The Last of Us is an action-packed, adventurous game that began its rise to fame in 2013. Since 2009, the developers, Naughty Dog, started the production of this game soon after they released Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The Last of Us is a survival horror action-adventure game that finally got released in 2013 on PlayStation 3 by Naughty Dog. This game features two center characters, Joel and Ellie, traveling in the apocalyptic United States. The play mode of this 2013 action-adventure game comes from a third-person perspective viewing giving you control over Joel.

On June 14th, 2013, Naughty Dog released the first installment of this game on Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. Soon after, in the following year, Naughty Dog released a remastered version for Sony’s PlayStation 4 on July 29th, 2014. In its first five years of release, The Last of Us sold over 17 million units, making it one of the best-selling games produced. The genre setting of this game fits into the action-adventure and survival horror gameplay arrangements, making it perfect for many game-loving fans. Whether you are a single or multiplayer gameplay lover, this game has suitable modes for you. You can either play The Last of Us in single or multiplayer mode.


Like many movies created, The Last of Us sets in the apocalyptic United States with raging mutants and aggressive creatures. This game’s plot sets in 2013 when an outbreak of a viral mutant Cordyceps fungus ravaged the lands of the United States. This mutant fungus was responsible for transforming its hosts (humans) into aggressive creatures referred to as “the infected.” The Last of Us starts in the suburban parts of Austin, Texas, when Joel flees with his brother, Tommy, and daughter, Sarah, from the “just started” outbreak of chaos. But, as fate has it, Sarah dies in Joel’s arm after a gunshot by a soldier during their escape from Texas.

After twenty years have passed, “the infected” has decimated all civilization and pushed survivors into independent settlements and heavily policed quarantine zones. Joel starts life as a smuggler alongside Tess, his partner in the North End of Boston quarantine zone. Together, Joel and Tess hunt down a black-market dealer, Robert, to repossess a stolen weapons cache. They discover Robert traded the stolen cache with the Fireflies during their hunt – their leader being Marlene. The Fireflies promises to double their cache if Joel can smuggle a teenage girl, Ellie, from outside the quarantine zone in Massachusetts.

After finding Ellie, Joel and Tess discover she has the infection, but she claims to have had it for over three weeks. Usually, the symptoms begin to show after two days, but with the discovery, things start to change; Joel understands the importance of Ellie to the human race’s survival. Soon after, Tess gets infected and sacrifices her life to help Joel and Ellie evade the pursuing soldiers. Joel acquires a working vehicle from a fellow smuggler and survivalist, Bill, and drives to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After struggles and evading tactics from the Fireflies by Joel, they get captured by Marlene’s patrol. Fireflies leader Marlene tells Joel that Ellie is about to undergo surgery in the hope of producing a vaccine for “the infected.” Marlene tells Joel that the surgery’s procedure involves removing a portion of Ellie’s brain hosting the infection; however, this will kill her. Unwilling to allow Ellie to die, Joel fights his way to the operating room, killing the lead surgeon. He takes an unconscious Ellie to the garage and drives out of the city. Long after, Ellie wakes, and Joel tells her the Fireflies gave up trying to find a cure after trying out trying other immune people, and the game ends.


As earlier stated, The Last of Us is a survival horror action-adventure game played from the third-person perspective. Players of this game use Joel to travel across post-apocalyptic environments like buildings, towns, sewers, and forests to advance the story. Like many other games, real money casinos and this Naughty Dog creation give you superb character control. For the most part, you get to control Joel; however, when in the winter segment, you take control of Ellie and Sarah in the opening sequences.

In Last of Us combat modes, you can use long-range weapons like shotguns and rifles, as well as short-range firearms. When cornered, use improvised weapons to defend yourself from cannibalistic creatures and hostile humans. The Last of Us features weapons upgrade modes that allow you to increase the efficiency of your collected items. In terms of life health, you can increase your health meter and craft speed by taking medicinal plants and pills. In addition, this game’s character has a “Listen Mode” ability that allows players to locate hostile enemies through walls by a heightened sense of spatial awareness and hearing.


During the game, vulgar words, slight sexual remarks, and bloody violence occur in the game. This makes The Last of Us unsuitable for younger kids, giving the game a matured rating. Furthermore, the overall rating for this game, judging from different accumulative sites, gives it a 9/10 stance.

Market Performance

The Last of Us sold over 1.3 million units in its 2013 first week of release and an accumulative sales of 17million by August of 2018. The 2013 first inception of The Last of Us received several positive receptions from different aggregate sites. For instance:

  • Metacritic gave it a 95/100 score, while other reviews were mainly 10/10.
  • The CVG, Edge, Eurogamer, IGN, OPM (UK) all gave it a 10/10 score.
  • Game Informer, GameSpot, and Polygon gave it 9.5/10, 8/10, and 7.5/10, respectively.

In addition, the remastered PlayStation 4 version received a positive reception from all sites 10/10, except for Metacritic, GameSpot, Polygon, and the Telegraph.

About The New HBO Series

The new HBO series sets to bring Joel and Ellie’s smuggling and travel stories into the big screens. All you need to know about the upcoming TV series is that production will likely continue until June 2022. In addition, HBO has announced the lead characters of this game-turned movie series. Game of Thrones characters Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will take on the role of Joel and Ellie. The entire HBO series’ directing rests in Chernobyl’s creator Craig Mazin alongside Naughty Dog’s developer, Neil Druckman. As it stands, we won’t be seeing the final drops of the movie until the second half of 2022.


As HBO sets to release the movie adaptation to the successful video game run of The Last of Us, fans are excited to see what’s to come. So, all you can do now is still back and wait until the final release, and we will keep you updated with further production secrets you need to know.

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