The Waylanders Team Offers Sneak Peek at Reborn Characters

Stepping forward a thousand years in The Waylanders changes many things—the land, how people live, technology, but most importantly… your companions! In the second act of The Waylanders, you’ll be on the hunt for reborn mortal companions and much changed Immortal friends. The team has shared two of the changed companions below!

In less than two short weeks, Gato Salvaje Studio will be releasing their real-time-with-pause RPG, The Waylanders, from Early Access on February 2nd, 2022. Early Access players will have access to the new content at launch, and those who have yet to buy the game can do so for $34.99 USD on Steam and GOG. The price is planned to increase to $39.99 USD at launch with a two-week 10% discount.

So far, Early Access players have been able to explore the Celtic Era, meet a cast of colorful companions, and discover a land filled with primordial magic. Soon, RPG fans will be able to step forward from the past into the medieval period where stone castles tower over haunted forests and humankind has spread into lands once held by creatures of myth.

As with many RPGs, the story is all about who experiences it besides the main character. Mortal Celtic companions have long since passed to time and immortal friends have had to live the last thousand years on their own. Rebuilding your team of companions is the first step after leaping into the future.

The druid Amergin is one of the first companions to join your adventure and his story continues to intertwine with yours in the future. Unlike many other mortals you’ve met, Amergin has experienced many, many years—kept alive by magic that has slowly been fading from the land.

The immortal Mourian Seer Nazhedja has also traveled the last thousand years the long way around. As an immortal, her youthful appearance is closely tied to the flow of the land’s magic and as it diminishes, so does she.

The Waylanders launches on February 2nd, 2022 on Steam and GOG.

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