These 5 Bands Have Their Own Themed Slot Games

Themed products always make good money from niche buyers for whom the theme has a strong emotional appeal. If the theme is a popular artist or music band, you are not just talking about niche buyers but millions of passionate music fans. The business value from the franchise can be worth millions in ad spend. Fans adore their stars and are eager to acquire something that is associated with them. We have seen such franchise tie-ups between artists and fashion brands, liquor brands, beauty products, and even electronic gadget brands. However, nowhere are such tie-ups ‘organic’ than with casinos. Casinos are more than just about gambling. It is at the core of the show business and the music business. Casinos routinely hire musicians to perform live to their patrons. Unsurprisingly, many casino products, particularly slot machines, have partnered with various popular music bands over the years to create popular themed slot games. Many famous musicians and rock bands now have their own branded slots. These include Kiss, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, Guns n’ Roses, Megadeth, and Twisted Sisters among others. Here is a brief overview of five of the top music bands that have their own themed slots. Guts Canada gives you a good idea of how slot games look if you haven’t seen one.

Jimi Hendrix  

Jimi Hendrix was a one-man-guitar wonder and is still regarded as among the finest guitarists that ever lived. His career in the mainstream lasted just five years but he left behind a timeless rock and roll legacy thanks to his electrifying guitar skills. Some of his popular hits included Purple, Voodoo Child, Haze, and Foxy Lady. More than 50 years after his death, Jimi Hendrix’s legacy can still be felt in various slot machines that are branded as ‘Jimi Hendrix Slot’. A good example is NetEnt’s Jimi Hendrix Slot where you can “Play Jimi Hendrix.” The slot allows you to rock it out with Hendrix as you collect the big wins. It has several special features such as Re-Spins, Pick and Click, and Wild transformation, all of which hold the promise of a handsome payout from your lucky spins. In the Jimi Hendrix Slot at NetEnt, the guitar virtuoso is the Wild symbol in the slot’s main game.

Guns N’ Roses 

The American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses or simply GNR was formed in 1985 and went on to revitalize the heavy metal music genre with its raw energy. The band was formed in Los Angeles and even though the lineup has changed over the years, the band has since stabilized with Axl Rose as its vocalist, Steve Adler on the drum, Michael McKagan on bass, and Izzy Stradlin and Slash on the guitar. It is best known for its landmark album Appetite for Destruction that was released in 1987 and hits like Paradise City, November Rain, and Welcome to the Jungle among others. Although the band was dogged with controversy, it went on to release some compelling albums. NetEnt celebrated the band’s 30th anniversary in 2015 by releasing a Guns N’ Roses Slot on its platform which does justice to the legacy of this popular hard rock band. The Guns N’ Roses Slot puts players at the center of the action. It is easy to play and offers up to 20 pay lines and players must at least land three matching symbols to win. There is a higher payout for the band member symbols. Players can also unlock the slot’s bonus features if they land the bonus wheel symbols. The Guns N’ Roses slots also feature a lineup of GNR’s songs in the whole game.


The American rock band Kiss was founded in 1973 with Paul Stanley as the lead vocalist, Ace Frehley as lead guitar, Gene Simmons as bass guitar, and Peter Criss and Eric Carr on the acoustic drum kit. It was huge on the glam rock scene of the 1980s. The band has also been very astute at merchandising its trademark on multiple online and offline platforms. For instance, it has released several games such as KISS Rock City, Sonic Adventure Kiss, and KISS: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. It also released a comic book that goes by the same name. It is therefore unsurprising that Kiss also has its own themed online slot machines. The KISS Online Slot is a five-reel slot machine from WMS which has 100 pay lines. This is a video slot game that is found in casinos across the US, leveraging the band’s cult following to get you playing and winning while basking in the band’s theme and legacy. The Kiss slot machine is popular with rock n’ roll fans who love listening to the numbers from the band as they play the slots. Its interface has been designed like a concert stage, complete with the lighting and equipment, ready to get it rocking and rolling. It also features images of the band members. The game plays songs from the band and offers generous rewards.

Elvis Presley 

It has been more than four decades since Elvis Presley’s death, but the rock n roll megastar still enjoys a cult following among passionate fans, not least in the casinos. A lot of slot machines across the US have been built on the Elvis theme. They include Elvis Slot and Elvis-The King Lives Slot Machine among others. Casino game manufacturer IGT alone has released up to five distinctly designed Elvis slot machines. An American icon of the 50s and 60s, Elvis Presley’s legacy lives on and some of the world’s top slot developers are eager to capitalize on his image, music, and iconic status to boost the action in their slot machines. Both IGT and WMS have released Elvis Presley-themed slot machines.


Formed in 1983 in LA by the guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, Megadeth is an American heavy metal band, considered to be one of the most influential and successful thrash metal bands of all times. The Megadeth style is characterized by complex arrangements as well as fast rhythm sections. Lyrically, it hovers over the themes of war, politics, death, religion, and personal relationships. Megadeth has been a controversial band but also one with a cult following. It has had platinum hits like Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction. The Megadeth Slot was developed in 2012 by Leander Games and features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 40 pay lines. Sticking with the Megadeth theme, the Megadeth Slot features lots of heavy metal imagery including amps, drums, guitars, and picks. You will also encounter the band members who offer you some generous wins. As you play, you will also be rocking to some of the best tunes from the band with plenty of cash prizes and free spins.

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