Third and Final Milestone of Neverwinter’s Battle Pass Echoes of Prophecy Out Now

The third and final milestone of Neverwinter’s battle pass Echoes of Prophecy is available now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox!

The final milestone, Of Dragons and Influence, brings the epic conclusion of the Echoes of Prophecy campaign as adventurers will unravel the mystery surrounding the Cult of the Dragon’s return, and uncover the dark acts the Cult has committed thus far. In hopes of stopping a ritual that could bring darkness across Faerûn, valiant adventurers must band together to find the location of the cultists and stop them before it’s too late. With the entire Echoes of Prophecy campaign leading up to the campaign for the next major module for Neverwinter launching next month, players who complete this final adventure for the battle pass will know of the sinister events ahead.

In addition to story content, the final update for Echoes of Prophecy brings limited-time rewards for players to unlock, including the Legendary Mount Choice Pack and the Lion Vanity Pet, by logging in, playing through the campaign, and completing repeatable quests. Those who would like to earn additional rewards, such as the Vanity Barded Neverwintan Lion, can purchase the premium battle pass.

Milestone 3, ‘Of Dragons and Influence’

Legendary Mount Choice Pack – Includes a selection of Account-reclaimable Legendary mounts.

[PREMIUM REWARD] Barded Neverwintan Lion: Created in Neverwinter, where it accompanies one who is truly brave. When called upon, the Barded Neverwintan Lion lets out a roar that knocks down enemies and grants you advantage over them.

Active Combat Power: Neverwinter Armament also bolsters your Strength, Intelligence, and Charisma and increases your Maximum HP.

Passive Equip Power: Neverwinter’s Pride grants you a mix of Combined Ratings, Critical Severity, and Forte Ratings.

Additional Details

Viewing the Campaign Interface

On PC, players can press J to open up their quest journal and navigate to the Campaign section. Pressing the bracket key ] will open up the Campaign section directly.

On Xbox, players can use the Menu button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option.

On PlayStation, players can use the Options button to access the Quests Interface. From here they can select the Campaigns option.

Players will now be able to check out each Milestone and their progress.


While Echoes of Prophecy Battle Pass is active, players can earn campaign currency from playing through the storyline and completing new quests from Elminster, completing Daily Random Dungeon Queues, and Weekly Legacy Quests. This currency is NOT in the inventory currency tab but can instead be tracked on the Campaign portion of the Journal. This is also where the currency can be used to obtain rewards.


Due to changing zones required for the quests associated with this content, players may find their tracker/golden path change within the journal upon completing one quest and picking up a new one. To ensure that you are progressing through the correct quest, please look for quests that include the following icon:

Any non-repeatable quest for Echoes of Prophecy will use the above icon. For reference, below is also a list of all non-repeatable quests associated with this content:

A Mage Summons
A Subtle Curiosity
Woven Disturbance
People of Interest
Conversion Residue
Discovering the Plot
Not Asking Nicely
Digging for Answers
Dusty Old Books
It’s Old, Very Old
Tome of the Undead Metamagic
No Good Deed

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