This War of Mine: Final Cut Has Arrived on Next-Gen Console

Sadly relevant, still important, This War of Mine: Final Cut arrives on PS5, Xbox X|S, and Game Pass.

Resonating more than ever in a world where a spineless dictator feels the need to strip a proud people of their homes, their lands, and their livelihood; to steal the joy from children’s hearts and instill fear in the souls of their parents who will protect them at any cost; to force fathers, brothers, sons with no training into service to bravely defend everything they hold dear, This War of Mine SHOULDN’T be relevant today but it is.

Final Cut serves as the most polished This War of Mine experience released on consoles. It’s the sum of numerous patches, tweaks, balancing, AI improvements, control scheme updates, and stability that have been implemented since launching on the last generation of hardware. A fully-packed, ultimate edition of the game, containing all additional content provided in two major updates: Anniversary Edition, with three new locations, new NPC civilians, a new scenario, a new playable character, and more achievements, and then the Final Cut update with 4K visuals, UI adjustments, and remastered locations from both the base game and DLC with new quests and events.

This War of Mine: All Expansions Pack consists of The Little Ones DLC, which adds children to the survivor groups, and three narrative-focused Stories debuting on Microsoft and Sony consoles; Father’s Promise, The Last Broadcast, and Fading Embers each introducing new locations and mechanics, along with stories touching upon different moral and cultural aspects of wartime survival. The Last Broadcast was written by Meg Jayanth, writer of 80 Days.

The game is also available in This War of Mine: Complete Edition which bundles the base game with all four DLCs.

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