Todays KOFA Update Makes ‘Kyo Kusanagi’ and ‘Iori Yagami’ Even Stronger

Two of The King of Fighters’ iconic fighters, Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, grow even stronger as both characters officially receive Special Signature variants in today’s update for Netmarble’s mobile action role-playing game (RPG) THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR alongside other in-game updates and enhancements.

As a Yellow Element Attack-type fighter, Special Signature Kyo can deal powerful DMG with extra Starlight DMG with his Finisher Skill while increasing ATK of Signature Fighters at the cost of lowered HP.

Special Signature Iori is s a Purple Element Balance-type Fighter that delivers powerful DMG and extra Burn DMG with his Finisher Skill and can increase the ATK and Power Charge Rate of Signature Fighters. Special Battle and Option Cards themed after these new fighters are also now available to collect.

This month’s update also introduces many in-game activities for players to enjoy, including:

  • New Guild Raid: Geese Howard- A new Geese Howard Guild Raid Boss, where different Metas are required for each difficulty level, is now available to challenge. Players can earn Mystery Box rewards, including Memory, Plus Imprint Stone, Skill Level Up Cards along with other items, by surpassing in-game Total DMG records
  • Rush Dungeon: Burning Dream Match (5/27 ~ 6/9) – Players can enjoy Kyo & Iori’s Dream Match story in this new Rush Dungeon. Rewards up for collection include Rubies, Enhancement Hammers, and Gold, along with Element Fest Memory Selection Boxes and Imprint Stone Mystery Boxes via the Exchange Shop.
  • SS Awakening Event: Players can collect Special Signature Imprint Stone Selection Boxes, Elite Enhancement Hammers and Rubies, by awakening SS Kyo and SS Iori
  • Carnival Event (5/27 ~ 6/2) – Players will have the chance to earn points by summoning fighters, combining memories, and exchanging dimensional invitations to gain rewards at certain thresholds, including Rare Enhancement Hammers, Plus Imprint Stone, and SS Memories
  • Super Mission (5/27 ~ 6/9) – 99 Whip, 99 Maxima, and 99 K’ appear as selectable fighters. By clearing the missions, players will earn Element Gold Memories for their selected fighter
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