Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Season 10: Price of Power Unlocks New Story Chapters, Difficulties, and Quality of Life Improvements

Today, Ubisoft announced that Season 10 of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, releases today. Season 10: Price of Power introduces new story chapters, along with new difficulties, quality of life improvements, and apparel events. Season 10: Price of Power is available to all The Division 2 Warlords of New York owners and Ubisoft+ subscribers.

Where is General Anderson?: The new season follows the story of the latest target to track down – General Peter Anderson. Hungry for power, and with the True Sons looking for direction after the fall of Antwon Ridgeway, Anderson sees an opportunity to build a new team and take down The Division. Anderson is brokering peace with the Black Tusk and The Division must find and neutralize Black Tusk Founder Natalya Sokolova’s advanced team (Trig, Micro, Chirpy, and Lucky) in order to locate and take down Anderson.  Season 10 is the second of three seasons for Year 4 of the Division.

New Difficulties: Season 10 also includes 3 new difficulties for the intense eight-player Countdown mode. This includes:

  • Normal – Can be played solo.
  • Hard – Designed for groups of eight casual players.
  • Challenging – Current difficulty that was available at launch. This difficulty is designed for a group of eight matchmade players. Can be completed by two teams of four hardcore players.
  • Heroic –A difficulty best for up to eight hardcore players.

In addition, new Legendary difficulties will be added to Tidal Basin and the Manning National Zoo strongholds.

New Leagues and Global Events: Starting September 20th, the Trig League – one of four leagues – will kick off. This will be followed by:

  • Micro League (October 11)
  • Chirpy League (November 1)
  • Lucky League (November 22)

In addition, the first Global Event (Polarity Switch) begins September 27th, followed by:

  • SHD Exposed Global Event (October 18)
  • Hollywood Global Event (November 8)
  • Golden Bullet Global Event (November 29)

New Weapons and Gear: The new update will also include a variety of new items, including:

Three exotic items

  • Doctor Home rifle
  • Busy Little Bee pistol
  • Bloody Knuckles (gloves)

Two named weapons

  • Lefty (shotgun)
  • Stage Left (rifle)

One Gear Set

  • Umbra Initiative

One Brand Set

  • Brazos de Arcabuz

The Expertise cap will also increase from 20 to 21. Additional rewards will also be offered for players with the Season 10 Pass.

Two New Apparel Events: Season 10 will also introduce two additional Apparel Events giving Division Agents more apparel to choose from. The SHD Paragon Apparel Event will drop later this month (September 27th) while the Dark Path Apparel Event will release on November 1st. Each apparel event will run for three weeks from their respective start dates.

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