Top 5 most expensive skin deals in the history of CS:GO

Among thousands of skin sales that happen every day, few deals really stand out. The cost of the items transferred during those deals can seem bizarre to many people who don’t relate to CS:GO, as they went over 100 000$. Our team has made an analysis and prepared a Top – 5 list of the most expensive deals ever happening within CS:GO skin market. Get ready to discover the features of those items and other factors making their price incredibly high.

And if you want to get yourself skins that are a little closer to the crazy-high prices we will mention, why don’t you just upgrade skins? It is a unique feature allowing you to take a few skins and transform them into one more expensive skin that is a tier higher.

5 – AK – 47 Fire Serpent, StatTrak, Factory New – ~8200$

Let’s start our list with a classic CS:GO skin for the AK -47: The Fire Serpent. Every CS:GO player knows that skin as it was added long ago in 2013, during operation bravo.

The skin design features a minimalistic picture of the serpent, whose mouth coats the hand guard. The body and the magazine are also adorned with a few clouds, and that’s it. As you see, the visuals of this skin are not something very special, and they are not the reason for the crazy price.

So why is it so expensive? First of all, it is one of the rarest skins you could get from opening an “Operation Bravo” case, which drops extremely rarely since the operation has ended. In addition, it is a factory new skin, which has no stickers and has a StatTrak counter, making the item worth around 8200$.

4 – Karambit Crimson Web, Factory New – ~9000$

And as you expected, you will see a knife on the list. And the first one we want to present to you is a Karambit deal that was worth around 9000$.

It’s a beautifully concise skin featuring a red blade covered with black web patterns. And those patterns are being a key to the crazy price of 9000$. Thus, if this skin has a pattern index creating three or more web centers on the blade, it will cost a massive amount of money.

So if we mix factors like a Factory-new condition,  rare pattern index, and just a Covert knife skin, it will result in one of the most expensive CS:GO deals.

3 – M9 Bayonet Crimson Web, StatTrak, Factory New – ~9200$

And there is another knife with a crimson web-type pattern on it, but this time it’s an M9 Bayonet for factor. It has the same stylistic properties as the previous example, so it has a red blade with black web patterns, and that’s all.

This skin managed to reach a price of 9200$ due to a unique pattern index drawing three web centers on the blade, StatTrak kills counter, and Factory New wear state. You can obtain this knife by opening a list of cases released during the 2013 – 2015 time period.

If you want to discover more interesting facts about CS:GO cases, make sure to check out this informative article.

2 – AWP Dragon Lore, Factory New, Souvenir – ~26 000$

And now it’s time to look at the deal with the gun that thousands of CS:GO players are dreaming of – AWP Dragon Lore.

It is a skin for a sniper rifle famous for its one-shooting ability. The skin features mainly yellow and red colors, forming a beautiful dragon picture on the rifle’s body.

It is very difficult to get Dragon Lore, as cases containing it are dropped only during unique eSports events, the last of which was conducted in 2018. In addition, it is a souvenir version, which means that the gun is covered in rare stickers. And the last factor that determined a crazy value of 26000$ was the Factory New wear state.

1 – Karambit Case Hardened, Factory New – More than 100 000$

So as you could already guess, it is another type of knife taking the first place with a price of 100 000$ and its Case Hardened Karambit.

But why is the price so high? Case hardened skins are known for their price difference due to pattern indexes. And that is the reason why this Karambit costs that much. The rarest pattern index makes Case Hardened Karambit have an entire blue blade, and it is called a Blue Gem. Add a Factory New wear state to that, and you will get a deal worth 100 000$!

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