Trigon: Space Story Developers Take Us on a Galactic Sightseeing Tour

Join Us on a Galactic Sightseeing Tour — Explore the Stunning Locales in Trigon: Space Story from Sernur.Tech.

Trigon: Space Story is a single-player roguelike strategy game set in the vastness of space that invites would-be captains to help an intergalactic vessel explore the far reaches of the universe. But while the galaxy is massive, that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of beautiful — albeit dangerous — sights. Today, the development team at Sernur.Tech would like to share some of the locales you can expect to see when you’re careening through the cosmos with your capable crew.

No matter where or when you look out the window of your cockpit, there is always something spectacular to gaze upon; from unpredictable asteroid belts, dense nebulas, and powerful quasars, to alluring pulsars, fiery supernovas, and enormous black holes. Cosmic colors will envelop your spacecraft as you travel past planet after planet, never really knowing what will appear before your eyes next.

The numerous regions of explorable space in Trigon: Space Story are full of diverse environments and missions. Traveling between them would be a long and arduous journey if it weren’t for your ship’s ability to Gate Jump at specific gates set up in each sector. Through this process, you and your crew can get from sector to sector at the speed of light, allowing you to experience more interstellar delights.

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