Turtle Beach’s ROCCAT Sponsors Barnes & Noble College and AVGL April Anarchy Fortnite Tournament

ROCCAT, the PC brand from leading gaming accessory business Turtle Beach, today confirmed it will be the Participating Sponsor for Barnes & Noble College’s upcoming college esports tournament, April Anarchy featuring Fortnite. Following the success of last fall’s event, Barnes & Noble College – a Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. company, in partnership with the American Video Game League (AVGL) – will once again invite thousands of college students nationwide to compete online in qualifying Fortnite tournaments, with millions of fans tuned-in to see the action unfold. The top three winning teams at the April Anarchy event will receive thousands in prize money, with ROCCAT outfitting the 1st place winners with their latest top-of-the-line PC gaming accessories. The top three teams will also be invited to participate in Code Red, one of the largest gaming influencer and esports events in the business.

“Competitive collegiate-level gamers are a perfect audience for ROCCAT so we jumped at the opportunity to join forces with Barnes & Noble College and AVGL for April Anarchy…in fact, we were so excited they even let us announce the event early,” said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager of PC Products at Turtle Beach. “Esports, online gaming, and engaging content creation have proven to be integral threads of the digital fabric keeping people connected and entertained over the past year. With the April Anarchy event we get to continue bringing gamers together in a fun and safe environment while introducing ROCCAT to many passionate college-level competitors. This event gives us the opportunity for these gamers to fall in love with our keyboards, mice, and headsets because of the competitive advantage they deliver.”

Starting in mid-March, Barnes & Noble College’s digital media channels will be the exclusive access point for student gamers to sign-up for the April Anarchy featuring Fortnite tournament. Participants will be able to sign-up via email across 350 participating Barnes & Noble College campuses.

“Barnes & Noble College is very excited to have ROCCAT serve as a participating sponsor for the upcoming April Anarchy featuring Fortnite tournament, and we know students will be thrilled to compete for the chance to be outfitted in the latest ROCCAT gear,” said Ken Wincko, Vice President of Marketing, Barnes & Noble College. “After the success of our Fall 2020 Autumn Anarchy tournament, we wanted to provide another opportunity for students nationwide to engage with fellow gamers and compete for even more exciting prizes. With many students still socially distanced and operating in virtual environments, esports provide a safe and fun way for students to meaningfully connect with their peers. Both Barnes & Noble College and AVGL are proud to be able to offer this opportunity for students with the support of sponsors such as ROCCAT.”

The online qualifying tournament kicks off on April 17, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. EST. Top teams will then advance to the finals taking place the following day on April 18, 2021, at 4:00 p.m. EST. $10,000 in prize pool money will be distributed among the top three winning teams of the April Anarchy featuring Fortnite tournament. Additionally, ROCCAT will outfit the 1st place winners with an assortment of its latest gear, including the groundbreaking Elo series PC gaming headsets, fan-favorite Vulcan keyboards, lightweight Burst gaming mice, and Sense mousepads.

The Code Red event takes place on April 26, 2021, at 4 p.m. EST, with additional details to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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