UNITED 1944 Multiplayer Beta Live: WWII Action Meets Crafting and Building, Twitch Drops

Hey gamers, drop that controller for a sec! UNITED 1944, the World War II-themed first-person shooter by Novarama, is leveling up its game with an expanded multiplayer beta. Starting today till the clock strikes midnight PT on October 1st, the virtual frontlines are open for business.

World War II Meets Urban Survival

Dive into intense firefights in French cities during the Liberation or join operations in North Africa. But don’t think it’s just point and shoot. Nah, this FPS game switches gears with a unique crafting and building system. Prep for battles by scavenging resources, fortifying bases, and upgrading your gear. All this while handling 16v16 domination matches, with updates like a day-night cycle, smoother movement, and an arsenal of new guns.

Survivor Mode Debuts

Forget standard domination matches, Survivor Mode is the new kid on the block. Picture this: An open-world playground where you’re not just fighting enemies; you’re fighting to stay alive. Scavenge, build, raid, and more. It’s you against the world, literally. How long can you survive? And how much loot can you hoard before making your great escape?

Geared for Global Warfare

Don’t sweat lag or connectivity issues. Servers are up in Europe, North America, and Asia, ensuring that no matter where you are, you’re in for a smooth experience.

How to Enlist

Want in? Hit the ‘Request Access’ button on the UNITED 1944 Steam page or hop over to their official Discord for all the latest updates. But listen up, pressing that button doesn’t guarantee a spot, so act fast!

Twitch Drops Campaign

Content creators, assemble! A Twitch drops campaign is in full swing. Stream the game and bless your viewers with some cool in-game swag, including weapon charms and character outfits.

That’s the scoop, gamers. Ready, set, deploy!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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