Unlocking the Game: A Deep Dive into Mobile Gaming’s Future

The Gamemasters Summit 2024: Navigating Tomorrow's Play

Introduction to the Summit

The mobile gaming sphere is on the verge of transformative evolution, and The Gamemasters Summit is the nexus where the future begins. Organized by Kwalee, this digital convergence invites gaming aficionados, from the creators to the consumers, to a day packed with insights, debates, and networking opportunities—all aimed at dissecting and forecasting the trajectory of the $98.7 billion mobile gaming industry.

The Who’s Who of Gaming Wisdom

As the industry’s vanguard gathers on 21st February for a free online summit, attendees are promised an unprecedented lineup of over 30 thought leaders. From Javier Castro of Google to John Wright of Kwalee, the keynote panel is set to illuminate the horizon with discussions on 2024’s pivotal trends and hurdles. The summit is not just about listening but engaging, with a policy of “no selling, no BS, opinions welcome,” ensuring a genuine exchange of game-changing ideas.

  • Javier Castro, Head of EMEA AppDev Gaming at Google, along with John Wright, VP of Mobile Publishing at Kwalee, will spearhead the keynote panel, discussing the current trends and challenges in the mobile games industry as we head into 2024.
  • Michail Katkoff, Founder of Deconstructor of Fun, and Adam Smart, Director of Product Gaming at AppsFlyer, are set to offer their insights on game trends and market strategy, providing a roadmap to success in the ever-evolving mobile gaming landscape.
  • Gabriel Stürmer, CEO of Clap Clap Games, will share the studio’s journey and the collaborative success achieved with Kwalee, highlighting effective strategies for game development.
  • Allison Bilas, COO at GameAnalytics, brings her deep understanding of analytics and big data to the “Play By Numbers: Navigating Data Science and AI in Mobile Gaming” panel, emphasizing the significance of data in crafting hit games.
  • Panelists like Vera Karpova, Product Manager at dev-to-dev, Chris Lefebvre, Chief Strategy Officer at ByteBrew, and Eberhard Dürrschmid, CEO of Golden Whale Productions GmbH, will enrich the “Play By Numbers” discussion with their perspectives on product analytics and the utilization of enterprise-level analytics in game development.
  • Nikita Lord, Graduate Partnership Manager at Grads in Games – Aardvark Swift, will address the “Forging Your Career in Gaming” session, focusing on bridging the gap between academia and the gaming industry for aspiring professionals.
  • Ben Hopkins, Creative Director at VCCP, and Justin Nield, Creative Solutions Lead at Kayzen, will tackle the “Crafting Impact: Mastering the Ad Creative Lifecycle” session, providing insights into developing and optimizing creative strategies for impactful game advertising.
  • Harry Lang, VP of Marketing at Kwalee, is set to introduce The Summit and its agenda, as well as share his marketing expertise in the “Beyond the Code: The A to Z of Marketing a Hit Mobile Game” session.
  • William Cox, Head of Mobile Publishing at Kwalee, will moderate the “Game Publishing Unveiled: Strategies for Emerging Developers” panel, aimed at demystifying game publishing for new developers.
  • Simon Platt, VP of Kwalee’s Leamington Studio, will lead the “Crafting Hits: The Blueprint Unveiled” session, sharing insights into the development process behind successful mobile games.
  • Eric Futoran, CEO of Embrace and co-founder of Scopely, will discuss the importance of flawless player experiences and the technical challenges involved in delivering them.

Expert Insights and Trailblazing Panels

Whether you’re crafting your first game or strategizing your studio’s next big hit, the summit’s dual-track approach caters to every level of expertise. The Expert Track delves into the nitty-gritty of data science, AI, and monetization strategies, while the Emerging Track demystifies the game development process, from ideation to execution.

Spotlight on Data and Development

Allison Bilas and Vera Karpova are among the luminaries leading the “Play By Numbers” panel, spotlighting the indispensable role of data and AI in sculpting successful mobile games. Meanwhile, Simon Platt’s session, “Crafting Hits: The Blueprint Unveiled,” aims to arm budding developers with the know-how to turn creative visions into downloadable realities.

Navigating Your Gaming Career

With the industry’s expansion, carving a niche in mobile gaming has never been more attainable. Nikita Lord’s talk on bridging the academic-industry divide provides invaluable insights for those aiming to break into the gaming world. Additionally, “Game Publishing Unveiled” moderated by William Cox, offers a primer on making your mark through strategic publishing.

Marketing Mastery and Creative Advertising

Dive into the art and science of game marketing with Harry Lang’s session “Beyond the Code,” unraveling the complexities of marketing a hit game. The “Crafting Impact” panel, led by Ben Hopkins and Justin Nield, further explores the creative lifecycle of game advertising, ensuring your game not only reaches but resonates with its intended audience.

Why Attend?

The Gamemasters Summit is more than a conference; it’s a cornerstone for professional growth, networking, and industry foresight. With free registration, it’s an open invitation to anyone looking to influence or understand the mobile gaming industry’s future dynamics.

Your Gateway to Gaming’s Future

As mobile gaming continues to redefine entertainment boundaries, The Gamemasters Summit stands as your opportunity to be at the forefront of this evolution. Whether you’re seeking to deepen your industry knowledge, explore career avenues, or connect with like-minded professionals, this summit is your portal to the next level of gaming excellence. Join the conversation, shape the future, and be part of the community driving mobile gaming forward.

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