Unraveling Memories: RedDeer.Games Unveils Tell Me Your Story

A Cozy Puzzle Adventure Through a Globetrotter's Past

Introduction to a Cozy Quest

RedDeer.Games, known for their significant presence in the indie game sphere on Nintendo Switch, recently revealed their latest endeavor – ‘Tell Me Your Story’. This new title promises to blend the warmth of cozy gameplay with the intrigue of intuitive puzzles. Fans can begin their anticipation journey by wishlisting the game on Steam.

A Summer at Grandma’s Full of Surprises

The game’s narrative centers around Amelia, who plans a tranquil summer at her Grandma Rose’s cottage, expecting days filled with knitting, gardening, and wholesome activities. However, she soon discovers that her grandmother’s abode holds secrets and souvenirs from a life of global adventures.

Journeying Through Rose’s Globetrotting Tales

‘Tell Me Your Story’ invites players to step into Amelia’s shoes, assisting Grandma Rose with daily tasks which soon lead to the uncovering of fascinating artifacts. These discoveries pivot the summer vacation towards exploring Rose’s colorful past, filled with adventures and travel tales.

Puzzling Through the World

Players will engage in over 70 different puzzles, each echoing the regions of Rose’s travels, such as South America’s rainforests, China’s Yunnan province, and the historic route of the Orient Express. The puzzles, divided into three chapters, promise to offer a rich, thematic experience.

Visuals and Storytelling: A Vivid Imagination at Play

‘Tell Me Your Story’ is visually striking, with hand-drawn scenes that complement the game’s theme of familial legacy and memory exploration. The storytelling, powered by Amelia’s imagination, unfolds the narrative without the need for words, offering a unique gameplay experience.

Availability and Anticipation

Set for release in 2024, ‘Tell Me Your Story’ will be accessible to players on Steam and the Nintendo Switch. The game’s Steam wishlist is currently open, inviting players to mark their calendars for this cozy, puzzle-filled journey through memories and tales of adventure.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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