Hellish Fishing Awaits: My Little Blood Cult Hooks into Early Access

Unearth Demonic Delights on Steam and Mobile This December

A Diabolical Dip into Fishing

Trade in serene lakes for the abyss in “My Little Blood Cult,” as Dillo Interactive announces its Early Access release on December 14th. Available on Steam, iOS, and Android, this title takes fishing to a whole new, hellish level.

Baiting with Blood

Prepare to cast your line into the depths of darkness. Armed with the blood of your followers, you’re not just fishing for trout but reeling in monstrous demons. It’s a casual yet chilling adventure, perfect for those with a taste for the macabre.

Upgrade, Sacrifice, and Collect

“My Little Blood Cult” isn’t just about the catch; it’s about the chase. Enhance your gear, experiment with alchemy for potent lures, and sacrifice followers to draw in the most formidable demons. As you delve deeper, your collection of haunting artifacts grows, each cast bringing you closer to becoming the ultimate cult leader.

Accessible and Affordable

Set to launch at $6.66 on Steam and free with in-app purchases on mobile platforms, “My Little Blood Cult” is accessible for all demon-fishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re on PC or on the go, the abyss awaits.

About My Little Blood Cult

At its core, “My Little Blood Cult” is a demonic fishing escapade. Players combine skill and luck to capture a myriad of demons, enhancing their cult’s power. With themed worlds and alters inspired by various cultural elements, the game offers a rich, darkly comedic experience.

Key Game Features

  • Sacrificial Gameplay: Sacrifice followers to bait demonic entities.
  • Rich Collection: Fish for an extensive range of powerful demons and monsters.
  • Unique Trophies: Fill your cabinets with oddities and use alchemy to craft more potent lures.
  • Cultural Depth: Unlock worlds and alters filled with creatures from history, legends, and pop culture.
  • Equipment Upgrades: Balance the odds with enhanced fishing gear.


Get ready to cast your line into the demonic waters with “My Little Blood Cult” this winter. Combining fishing with a twist of dark fantasy, it’s a unique title that’s sure to hook players from the first cast.

Platforms: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows

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