Unveiling the Shadows: REMNANT II’s The Forgotten Kingdom DLC Drops April 23

Step into the Mysterious Realm of Yaesha and Face the Wrath of Ancient Spirits in This Thrilling New Adventure

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REMNANT II Unveils The Forgotten Kingdom DLC – Dive Deep Into Yaesha’s Mysteries on April 23

Brace yourselves, survivors! REMNANT II is dialing up the adventure with its latest DLC drop, The Forgotten Kingdom, set to hit the gaming universe on April 23. This is the second piece of the DLC trilogy for the game, with a final chapter still waiting in the wings for later this year.

What’s Cooking in The Forgotten Kingdom?

In this gripping addition, players will explore the hauntingly mysterious lands of Yaesha, tracing the echoes of a lost tribe’s past. The lands are tormented by Lydusa, an ancient stone spirit bent on vengeance. As you traverse through once-glorious ziggurats, you’ll encounter Lydusa’s minions—a host of living stone constructs thirsty for blood. It’s your mission to unearth the secrets tucked away in this new and enigmatic area, paving the way to restoring peace, or at least, some semblance of it.

New Features to Geek Out Over:

  • Fresh Storyline & New Dungeons: The storyline digs deeper into Yaesha’s lore, where every turn and dungeon may hold the key to pacifying the vengeful Lydusa.
  • The Invoker Archetype: Feel the force of nature at your fingertips with the new Invoker archetype, which lets you harness the mystical jungle powers. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming Archetype Reveal Trailer!
  • Gear Up: Gear up with deadly new weapons, modifiable parts, and trinkets like amulets and rings to boost your survival chances in this treacherous world.
  • New Challenges: Prepare to face off against new bosses and mysterious creatures emerging from the shadows of the forgotten kingdom.

For the Collectors:

If you’ve grabbed the Ultimate Edition of REMNANT II, you’ll receive all the DLCs as part of the package at no extra cost. Alternatively, snag the DLC Bundle for $24.99 on launch day, which includes The Awakened King DLC, The Forgotten Kingdom, and a ticket to the upcoming final chapter.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows

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