VALORANT Episode 7 Act I: New Game Mode and Progression Update Revealed

VALORANT, the popular tactical first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, is set to launch its highly anticipated Episode 7 Act I on June 27th, 2023. This new act will introduce players to an exciting game mode called Team Deathmatch, along with a significant update to the game’s progression system.

Deadlock Unleashes Unyielding Ferocity in VALORANT Episode 7 Act I

Norwegian operative Deadlock has made her mark in VALORANT’s Episode 7 Act I, bringing a new level of intensity to the battlefield. Armed with advanced nanowire technology, Deadlock ensures that her enemies have nowhere to hide and no chance of survival. Let’s delve into her formidable abilities:

GravNet (C): Deadlock equips a GravNet grenade, allowing her to throw it with precision. She has the option to either launch it or lob it underhand. Upon impact, the GravNet detonates, causing any caught enemies to crouch and move at a sluggish pace, effectively restricting their mobility.

Sonic Sensor (Q): Deadlock deploys a Sonic Sensor, a specialized device that monitors a specific area for enemy sounds. If the sensor detects footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noise, it unleashes a concussive blast that disorients and staggers any foes within range, giving Deadlock and her team a significant advantage.

Barrier Mesh (E): With her Barrier Mesh disc, Deadlock creates barriers that impede enemy movement. By throwing the disc forward, barriers emerge from the point of impact, effectively blocking the path and forcing enemies to find alternative routes. This ability enables Deadlock to control the flow of battle and establish strong defensive positions.

Annihilation (X): Deadlock’s ultimate ability showcases the true power of her nanowire technology. Equipped with the Nanowire Accelerator, she unleashes a pulse of nanowires that capture the first enemy they come into contact with. The trapped enemy is then pulled along a relentless nanowire path, moving closer to their demise. However, the nanowire cocoon is not indestructible, and the captive can potentially break free if their teammates intervene.

Team Deathmatch is a thrilling 5v5 mode that will test players’ skills and teamwork in intense combat scenarios. In this mode, teams will face off against each other in one of three brand new custom maps. What sets Team Deathmatch apart is the ability for players to choose their loadout at the start of each stage or whenever they are in the spawn room. This strategic element allows players to adapt to different situations and experiment with various weapons.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, weapon spawners will be strategically placed throughout the maps, along with recovery and ultimate orbs. These orbs will provide players with valuable resources to aid them in their battle against the enemy team. With four timed stages, no economy system, and a fast respawn time of just 1.5 seconds, the objective is clear: the first team to reach 100 kills emerges victorious.

In addition to the exciting new game mode, VALORANT’s progression system is receiving a much-anticipated update in Episode 7 Act I. This update aims to provide players with more rewarding experiences and incentives to keep them engaged. One of the significant changes is the revamp of daily missions, now known as Checkpoints. These daily milestones will offer players a structured progression path and additional rewards as they complete various objectives.

Furthermore, a new form of in-game currency called Kingdom Credits will be introduced. Players can earn Kingdom Credits through gameplay and can exchange them for a range of accessories to customize their agents and express their unique style. This addition gives players more freedom and options when it comes to personalizing their gameplay experience.

To keep the VALORANT community engaged, the developers are planning exciting agent recruitment events as part of the Progression Update. These events will provide players with opportunities to unlock new agents through special challenges and achievements. It’s an excellent chance for players to expand their roster and experiment with different playstyles.

VALORANT Episode 7 Act I is set to launch on June 27th, 2023. With the introduction of the thrilling Team Deathmatch mode and the revamped progression system, players can look forward to an enhanced gameplay experience and an array of new rewards. As VALORANT continues to evolve and provide updates, fans of the game can expect even more exciting content in the future.

For more information on the upcoming Progression Update and detailed insights into the new features, please refer to the press kit provided by Riot Games. Stay tuned for further updates from the VALORANT team and prepare to dive into the action of Episode 7 Act I on June 27th.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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