Villagers & Heroes Wellspring Expansion Now Available!

Mad Otter Games, creators of the first fully cross-platform MMORPG have today released an all-new expansion for Villagers & Heroes. The ‘Wellspring’ expansion is set to bring all new exciting features to the newly revitalized MMORPG including the game’s player housing.


The Wellspring expansion will see more features and customization added to villages. Players will now be able to embark on community projects to improve their village, such as constructing training grounds and facilities to support crafting. These projects will require the players of each village to work together to complete them, and the rewards for doing so will be worthwhile.

Wellspring sees the introduction of an all-new political system for villages. Communities can elect a Mayor, who can assign roles to other members, to help manage and maintain the village.

Villagers & Heroes Wellspring is out now on iOS, Android, and PC.


  • BEAUTIFUL CUSTOMIZABLE VILLAGE ENVIRONMENTS: like Verdant Ardent, Magical Maiden Nights, Sunswept Glittermore (and 7,000 more variations).
  • VILLAGE POLITICS: Players can take control of a village by being elected Mayor of a village, or choose to vote for one of her/his friends. As Mayor, a player can appoint deputy mayors and lieutenant players to help manage the village.

  • VILLAGE PROJECTS: Players work together with fellow villagers on new projects, like the Sugar Mill, Seedling Nursery, Fish Hatchery, Geology Lab, Soilworks, Arboretum, the Training Grounds, and more, including…

  • THE WELLSPRING: This is a source of magic located in a cavern right below the village.  Players work together on projects to grant blessings oneveryone in the village.

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