‘Volta-X’ Rolls Out Metaverse Update Today

A brand new Metaverse Mode, new Voltas, and new weapons will make you fall in love with this strategic robot battler all over again.

Metaverse Mode

This brand new offline mode lets you choose between a randomized set of load-outs and compete in challenges to survive multiple battles. Players can upgrade parts and repair Voltas between battles to make sure they stay in tip-top fighting shape, but losing resets progress for the current run.

New Voltas

Two new Voltas arrive at the Metaverse Update and introduce exciting new mechanics that will help tame any fight:

  • Valkyrie: a Transformer that can switch between a Tank and Human form at will
  • Irontail: a Volta that wields a third-hand weapon with their powerful tail and whose scorching hot special move adds fire to their next nine attacks

New Weapons

Trade-in your jaws and claws for a large variety of new weapons. Their unique features can help players form the ultimate winning strategy:

  • Blaster Cannon: a Shoulder-Arm part that deals damage based on the current charge
  • Black Hole Beam: a Shoulder-Arm part that creates a black hole in a target room, which will pull in crew members from adjacent rooms
  • Nanomachine Cloud: generates a healing aura effect that will heal all rooms over time
  • Destroyer: adds crew damage to all of your parts
  • Ice Launcher: adds an iced effect to a target room, which will slow down the repair rate and crew movement, plus extinguish fires
  • Auto Turret: periodically fires if a crewmate is present inside a room

Additional Updates

  • Raiden: this special now gives armor to all rooms
  • Dagger: updated the Light Punch to a dagger
  • New Boss Volta: a Boss for Metaverse Mode and Post-game Missions with a special that shoots an ice beam at three target rooms
  • New Emotes: give your crew more ways to celebrate and taunt opposing Voltas
  • New crew costumes: style up your pilots in the latest fashions from the World Volta Association across all game modes
  • Two new Headquarters Rooms: the Volta Training Room and the Crew Training Room allow pilots and Voltas to earn experience outside of battle, and you now unlock new Voltas and crew members through these rooms, too

Additionally, right now as part of the Nintendo Switch Digital Deals, Volta-X is 50% off for $9.99!

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