Where to Sell CS:GO Skins in 2021?

Weapon skins for CS:GO are all the rage, and players can make a tidy profit by selling their in-game items. Unfortunately, the official community does not allow withdrawals and its commissions are high. To make money, you need a reliable exchange beyond Steam. Follow our guide to find a trusted platform for lucrative trades.

Alternative exchanges have come a long way since the skin boom of 2015. Still, players who want to sell CS:GO skins must be cautious to avoid scams. Aside from quick withdrawals, your platform must provide secure transactions, data protection, and more.

How to Find a Reliable Site

If you want to sell items outside of Steam, make an informed decision based on different criteria. Make sure the platform is legit and trusted. You may check feedback on websites like Trustpilot to compare user experience.

One of the top platforms for sellers and buyers is DMarket, which has executed over 10 million trades. It connects a colossal global audience, works with the 20+ payment methods, and ensures secure transactions.

Any reliable platform requires that players log into their Steam accounts to perform any transactions. Note that scammers create fake pages that imitate a Steam login. Make sure the connection is secure — there should be a green padlock sign next to the URL.

How to Sell an Item Instantly

Here is how this works on DMarket, which allows you to choose between instant transactions and putting your item on sale. In the first case, you need a buyer who has created a target to purchase your skin. Sell your item quickly in just a few steps.

All you need to do is click on the skin and choose the instant selling option. Note that items from Steam inventories have to be deposited to the platform first. This takes around 10 minutes.

How to Put an Item on Sale

This format gives a range of pricing models. After you click on the skin and choose the sell option, you will be asked to choose between depositing the skin to the bot or selling it directly via your Steam account (on DMarket, this is known as Face2Face transactions). Choose between:

  • the recommended price,
  • the lowest price,
  • the recent average for the past 7 or 14 days,
  • discounts applied to the official Steam price, and
  • a customized price (your own offer).

If you do not want to compare any options, just specify your price tag and proceed straight to selling.

The Fun of Trading and Selling CS:GO Skins

Alternative trading sites for CS:GO fans enable them to make tangible profit from sales of coveted in-game items. The systems connect users to Steam but allow real-money withdrawals through a variety of methods. Trusted sites are secure and reliable. Make the most of your skins by selling them quickly and safely.

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