Women in Games Conference 2023: Disrupting the Norms for a Fairer Game

Mark your calendar, gamers and allies! Women in Games is rolling out its Annual Global Conference on October 10th, set to unravel the theme of “Disruption.” The virtual gig, hosted on the Hopin platform, is gunning to challenge existing norms and accelerate the journey toward gender equality in games and esports.

Event Basics

Access to this digital pow-wow costs £30 a pop. Early bird rates are up for grabs but don’t snooze; it’s first-come, first-served. If you’re down to support the not-for-profit mission of Women in Games, snag a ticket.

What’s On The Agenda?

Topics range from eye-opening research queries like “What’s going wrong with women’s dialogue in video games?” to brass tacks on pay with sessions on “Salary Transparency: Breaking the Game or Path to Success?” Mental health isn’t left in the dust either, featuring segments on accountability and combating toxicity.

Priority Spheres of Action

Keynote speakers and panelists will tackle nine Priority Spheres of Action, so expect a loaded deck of discourse on:

  • Fairness: in pay and opportunities
  • Toxicity and Harassment: workplace and game spaces
  • Entrepreneurship: investment and funding galore
  • Talent Development: building leaders, not followers
  • Education: across the board
  • Diverse Creative Representation: bringing women into the spotlight
  • Advocacy and Awareness: breaking stereotypes
  • Research and Data Collection: backing claims with facts
  • Community Building: fostering safe zones and good vibes

Who’s Talking?

Marie-Claire Isaaman, the CEO of Women in Games, sets the tone by underscoring the monumental challenges facing women in the gaming and esports scenes. However, there’s a glimmer of hope. The conference aims to be a melting pot of solutions, sparking dialogue and disruptive strategies.

Get Involved

Want to make a splash in the movement toward gender equality in the gaming world? Check out Women in Games’ mission and how it aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality & Empower all Girls and Women.

Ready to power up the conversation around women in games? This is a not-to-miss event to level up your understanding and connect with like-minded gamers and advocates.

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