X8: A Look into the Mechanics, Design, and Future of the New VR Hero Shooter

Excitement is building as the release of X8, the new VR multiplayer hero shooter from Thirdverse, approaches. Set to launch in FREE Steam Early Access and Meta App Lab on May 18th, X8 is ready to revolutionize the world of virtual reality gaming.

In X8, players find themselves in the midst of an unexpected digital cataclysm that has prompted a reboot of all contemporary shooters. Embodying a variety of distinct heroes with interactive abilities and unique items, players engage in fierce battles as they strive to restore a path back to their respective realms.

One of the main game modes in X8 is the 5v5 Demolition matches. Players take turns attacking and defending by planting or defusing the ‘Syphon’ across maps specifically designed to encourage team tactics and creative strategies. It’s an opportunity to showcase individual skills, test teamwork dynamics, and conquer opponents on the battlefield.

“X8” Out Now in Early Access on Meta App Lab and Steam

Thirdverse, Inc. is thrilled to announce the official launch of X8, a VR multiplayer hero shooter game. Available as a free-to-play Early Access title on both the Meta App Lab for Meta Quest and Steam, X8 offers players a unique 5v5 battle experience. The game allows gamers to customize their heroes before every round, bringing strategies to life in thrilling team combat. As a testament to the game’s competitive potential, X8 is gearing up for its first esports tournament, with the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) offering an impressive $10,000 prize for the most skilled players.

X8 sets itself apart as a VR multiplayer hero shooter by providing gamers with customizable loadouts of weapons, armor, items, and abilities. This feature allows players to equip their heroes with the perfect arsenal before diving into battle. Each hero possesses three special abilities, and hero-specific items offer situational advantages, adding depth and strategy to gameplay.

Teams in X8 utilize a variety of tactics to penetrate enemy defenses and deploy ‘The Syphon’ at specific sites on the map during an attack. During defense, the team must work together to deactivate it within 30 seconds using ‘The Defuser.’ The team that successfully eliminates all attackers or disrupts the deployment process and scores the most points over the course of the 14-round game emerges as the victor.

Masaru Ohnogi, Thirdverse CBO and Executive Producer on X8, expressed his enthusiasm for the game’s release, stating, “The official release of X8 is something gamers have been waiting for – a perfect blend of action with incredible versatility, strategy, and customizable gameplay. The release has been highly anticipated by the growing X8 community, and we’re looking forward to seeing player reactions during this Early Access stage. We’re also excited to be partnering with VAL for X8’s first VR esports tournament. Together, we’ll bring players from all over the world for an immersive experience.”

The future of X8 holds immense potential as players dive into the immersive world of VR hero shooting. With its unique mechanics, customizable gameplay, and strategic depth, X8 is set to captivate gamers and establish itself as a frontrunner in the VR gaming landscape. Get ready to don your VR headset, gather your team, and prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other when X8 launches on May 18th.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest 2

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