Yuri Sakazaki and King Join THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR Cast

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR, Netmarble’s popular mobile action role-playing game (RPG), adds long-awaited Special Signature Fighters Yuri Sakazaki and King as part of the game’s latest update. The November update also debuts a new skill type, Charging Skill, along with new battle cards, a new Challenge Dungeon, and more.

Special Signature Fighters Yuri Sakazaki and King, accessible through the ‘Special Signature Fighter Pick Up Summon,’ will introduce a Charging Skill to the game for the first time. The new skill fills up the Charging Skill gauge as players hold and release the button, unleashing a stronger attack when activated with the gauge fully charged. The Charge Skill is immediately activated when using the Awakened Skill, but the normal Charging Skill and Awaked Charging Skill can be used separately.

Other updates coming to THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR include:

  • New Battle Cards – Special Ryuuko Rambu EX and Illusion Dance EX cards will grant a Special Skill that increases ATK by 10% and Penetration by 400 for 10 seconds when using Yuri Sakazaki and King respectively.
  • New Challenge Dungeon: Deimos Base – Players can challenge each stage of Normal Match, Boss Match, etc. with each Awakened Fighter to acquire Awakened EXP Capsule, Fighter Summon Ticket, Rubies, and more.
  • New Rush Dungeon – Players can collect event coins by clearing stages and exchange coins with various items.
  • Special Signature Consecutive Login Event – Players can acquire various items by logging in daily. Logging in five consecutive days can unlock special rewards: five Elite Skill Level Up Card x1 Selection Box.
  • KOF Battle Pass – Players can clear daily missions to earn KOF Pass EXP, and the Pass Tier is raised according to the acquired EXP, where players can earn gold, AP and more as rewards.
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