Zielonka: The New Frontier for Virtual Farming in Farming Simulator 22

Yo, listen up G-LYFE Nation! Farming Simulator 22 is leveling up with its second major expansion, transporting gamers to the Central European locale of Zielonka. Ready for a scenic adventure? GIANTS Software recently dropped a chill, melodic trailer to hype up the upcoming Premium Expansion & Premium Edition, hitting the digital shelves on November 14th.

Central European Vibes: A Fresh Playground for Virtual Farmers

Capturing the essence of Central Europe, Zielonka takes cues from countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. But it’s not all just eye candy; the land is fertile, ready to pump up your farming game with new crops like carrots, parsnips, and red beet. The crop roster? We’re talking a total of 20 arable crops, people!

Gear Up: Specialized Tools for New Harvests

Worried about how to handle the new greens? Chill, the Premium Expansion’s got you covered with specialized harvesters and tools. Get those crops from the field to the market in style.

The Keys to Success: Pianos and Produce in Zielonka

In a surprising twist, Zielonka is also the crib for a well-known piano manufacturer. Gamers can stack some serious coin by feeding into this new production chain. Just supply some wooden planks and watch every piano built turn into a moneymaker.

From Spuds to Soup: Zielonka’s Food Factories

It ain’t just about the fresh produce; Zielonka also hosts factories like the potato plant that pumps out crispy chips and the “Zup, Zup, Zup” soup factory. Supply them well, and watch your virtual bank account grow.

Collectibles and More: The Full Zielonka Experience

Done with the harvesting and the piano-building? The new map also offers collectibles scattered across its landscape. Whether it’s the crops or the collectibles, Zielonka rewards an attentive farmer.

Availability and More Details

Mark your calendars for November 14th when Farming Simulator 22 Premium Edition rolls out across multiple platforms including PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more deets, hit up the official Farming Simulator website or GIANTS Software’s press area.

And there you have it, G-LYFE Nation! Stay tuned for more gaming updates, straight from the fields of Zielonka.

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Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac Operating Systems, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming

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