Free League Publishing Unveils Ad Astra, the Next Level for Mutant: Year Zero RPG

Heads up, gamers! Free League Publishing just dropped some massive news. They’re extending the realm of their award-winning post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG, Mutant: Year Zero, with a brand-new expansion titled Ad Astra. This isn’t your regular Earth surface skirmish; we’re talking orbital ops and space adventures here.

Pre-Order Live with Early PDF Access

Gone are the days of Earthly restrictions. Jump on the pre-order train for Ad Astra at the Free League webshop, and you’ll score immediate early access to the complete PDF. You get a jumpstart ahead of the pack before the official release slated for next year.

Core Books Get a Fresh Print Run

But hold on, there’s more! Free League Publishing is hitting the refresh button by announcing a reprint of all Mutant: Year Zero core books. Long out-of-print fan fave Mutant: Mechatron is making its grand re-entry, so keep your eyes peeled.

Star City: An Apocalypse Beyond Earth

Your mission? Navigate through an orbiting city that’s more like a shattered jewel in space than a stellar utopia. It’s clear as day, the Apocalypse didn’t stop at Earth’s atmosphere. Damaged infrastructure, vacant spaces, and ruined tech set the backdrop for your out-of-this-world escapades.

Expand or Stand-Alone, Your Call

Whether you’re already walking down the Path to Eden campaign or you’re a newcomer to the Mutant: Year Zero universe, Ad Astra got you covered. The expansion fits as either a stand-alone quest or a direct continuation of your existing campaign.

Stellar Content from Jens Alm and Kim W. Andersson

Props to the brains behind this cosmic experience: Jens Alm penned the campaign while Kim W. Andersson worked his illustration magic. Andersson isn’t just any artist; he’s an award-winning comic book legend known for titles like Love Hurts and Astrid and Alena.

Deep Dive into the Post-Apocalyptic Universe

If you haven’t dabbled in Mutant: Year Zero RPG yet, here’s the 411. The game whisks you away to a post-Apocalyptic reality where humans aren’t quite humans anymore. You’re a mutant, with skills and abilities stretching beyond mere mortals. Originally a classic Swedish tabletop RPG from 1984, it got a facelift and international acclaim in 2014, even scoring awards like Best RPG at the UK Games Expo 2015.

Video Game Adaptation Scores High

Don’t forget the digital realm; Mutant: Year Zero extended its branches into video gaming in 2018 with Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. And guess what? It received rave reviews across multiple platforms.

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