Ziggurat Interactive Launches Three Classic New World Computing Games

Today, publisher of retro-and-modern games Ziggurat Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of three beloved classic PC titles from famed publisher/developer New World Computing. The hit classic games Wetlands, Zephyr, and Planet’s Edge are available exclusively on GOG.COMs digital storefront for purchase for the first time in their history.

To celebrate the exclusive release of these games, all three will be on sale for 25% off, making it the perfect time to pick up these classics from New World Computing.

Ziggurat’s newest GOG.COM releases include: 

  • Wetlands: A cyberpunk-themed 3D rail shooter, Wetlands drops you into the combat boots of mercenary John Cole, tasked with bringing back a recently “liberated” scientist. Beautifully animated with a mix of 3D and hand-drawn elements, this atmospheric sci-fi shooter features fast gameplay and a gritty story rich with sci-fi and film noir overtones.

  • ZephyrIn a dark future, corporate scores are settled through hyper-violent vehicular competition on the Interplanetary Battle Circuit. Pilot your Zephyr hover-vehicle in deadly combat-packed races as you dodge and fight your way to the finish line in a battle for glory…and your life.

  • Planet’s Edge: A misunderstanding of intergalactic proportions has caused Earth to vanish to an unknown dimension, and it’s up to you to assemble a team to find it. Gather scientists and a ship’s crew and head out on a galaxy-spanning adventure searching for a way to bring Earth back. Take part in mining, trading, exploration, and combat, both on the ground and in space, as you search for our missing homeworld!

“New World Computing was an innovative studio known for being bold, taking risks, and breaking genres. They laid the groundwork that modern game studios stand on today,” said Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development. “We are so pleased to add three fan favorites to our library and make them available to modern gamers.”

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