Alchemy Stars’ 2.5-Year Anniversary Bash: Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I Rolls In!

Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio Gear Up for an Epic Event with New Features and Rewards!

Level Up Your Gaming: Alchemy Stars’ Latest Update

Today, Level Infinite and Tourdog Studio dropped some massive news for Alchemy Stars fans. Get ready for the ‘Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I’ event, launching as part of the game’s epic 2.5-year anniversary celebration. It’s not just another update – it’s a whole new world of adventures and challenges!

Dive into the Event: Exclusive Stages and Rewards

The ‘Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I’ event is more than just a title – it’s an immersive experience. Players can navigate through unique stages like ‘The Homecoming’ and ‘Lost Ship At Sea’, while checking out the new event store ‘The Docks’ and tackling Aurorian Trial stages. And let’s not forget the login rewards – they’re seriously lit!

Score Big with Limited-Edition Loot

The event’s currency, Lin Guild Promissory Notes, is your ticket to some sweet loot at The Docks. You can snag the limited-edition 5-Star Aurorian Liqing, Special Star Flares, and even themed event furniture. Clearing stages isn’t just for glory – you’ll also earn Lumamber and exclusive event medallions. And for the dedicated Navigators, complete challenges for even more rewards.

Winter Ode Special Recruitment: Grab Your 6-Star Aurorians

Winter’s not just coming, it’s here with the Winter Ode Special Recruitment! It’s your chance to add some elite 6-star Aurorians to your team. Remember, recruit 10 times for a guaranteed win!

Longzhou Faction Unleashed

The update unveils the mysterious Longzhou faction, adding a fresh narrative twist to Alchemy Stars. Navigators, get ready to welcome 5-Star Aurorian Li Tianxian to your crew, a new powerhouse joining the fray.

New Gameplay and Recruitment Events

The update is bringing the heat with the new ‘Fusion Ritual’ gameplay and ‘Arcanic Artisan’ limited-time recruitment event. Get your hands on Xuan Ji and dive into the Sunken Treasure Cove event for unique rewards.

Optimization and New Features

Players can expect sleek optimizations to the Special Event Book, Store, and Main Lobby UI. A new Formation screen and a revamped combat damage calculation feature are also on the horizon, enhancing your strategic gameplay.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember to check out the Alchemy Stars Etched Upon the Ocean Drifting Begonia I assets and trailer. This anniversary event is set to be a game-changer, so gear up and dive in! ????????

Platforms: Android, iOS

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