All fans of iconic horror and classic survival horror games – grab your limited ammo, because Daymare: 1998 is coming to Steam on September 17th for 29.99 EUR/USD.

Daymare: 1998 recreates the atmosphere of the most beloved works from the end of the millennium and places you in the middle of a familiar yet fresh story. The plot unfolds through the eyes of multiple characters, putting players in the shoes of different personalities that will guide them through their theories and doubts about the situation. Thanks to backtracking, ammo management, collectible lore items, environmental puzzles, and the overall level of difficulty, players can rewind a couple of decades to where, in their first real daymare, they will be chilled to the bone.

Unlike Liev, who was introduced in the previous trailer, Sam is what you’d call “a regular guy”. He likes his neighbors and has no personal aspirations to attain riches or fame. But he is reliable and does what needs to be done. Sam’s also a respected citizen of Keen Sight, partially a result of his job as Forest Ranger. Although, there is a limit to how much credit you can take for staring off into the horizon and strolling through the woods to make sure the trees are still standing.

Nevertheless, Sam’s a loving husband who adores his wife. If it weren’t for his condition and his need to manage it with pills, he’d probably be the happiest guy on Earth. But that isn’t what he was meant to be. Not after he crosses paths with H.A.D.E.S. Sam was meant for something more. Not for himself, not even for the woman he loves, but for the whole city of Keen Sight.


Invader Studios, Destructive Creations and All in! Games are three partners in crime that have the horrifying pleasure of bringing Daymare: 1998 to your PCs. Take a look at the FREE, all-new demo on Steam and catch a glimpse of what’s lurking in a seemingly inconspicuous little town, overrun by terrifying creatures that once inhabited the area as ordinary people.

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