Ancient Greece Inspires Latest 1.4 Reverse: 1999 Update

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Unravel the Mysteries of “The Prisoner in the Cave” in New Storyline Chapter

Bluepoch Games has rolled out The Prisoner in the Cave, the first phase of the eagerly awaited Version 1.4 update for Reverse: 1999. This update, drawing inspiration from ancient Greece, is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and PC, featuring a new chapter in the game’s main storyline, a novel 6-star arcanist, three fresh gameplay modes, and an array of rewards that beckon players to a newly discovered island veiled from the devastations of the “Storm.”

New Gameplay Features and Arcanist

The spotlight of Version 1.4 Phase One is the introduction of 37, a new 6-star arcanist celebrated for her mathematical brilliance. Alongside 37, players are invited to explore The Three Doors, the game’s inaugural 3D puzzle mode, promising unique challenges and rewards. This phase enriches the “Reverse: 1999” universe with significant narrative depth and interactive novelty.

Rewarding Player Experience

For both newcomers and seasoned gamers, Version 1.4 is a treasure trove. Up to 80 free draws and a 5-star character selection offer a warm welcome or a rewarding return. Additional sign-in events and limited-time summon events further adorn the gameplay with up to 20 Unilogs, growth materials, and exclusive summons of 6-star characters, including An-an Lee and Voyager.

Expansion and Anticipation

The update introduces Between Lines and Numbers, a new garment series enhancing the visual appeal and abilities of several arcanists. Furthermore, improvements to Wilderness gameplay and increased island capacity cater to strategic diversity and player creativity. With an eye on the future, Bluepoch Games hints at Version 1.4 Phase Two, promising new gameplay modes, another 6-star arcanist, and deeper narrative explorations set for release in the coming month.

A Milestone in Mobile RPGs

With over 19.99 million downloads, Reverse: 1999 has captivated players worldwide, acclaimed for its intricate storyline, advanced cinematics, and immersive voice acting. This update reaffirms the game’s commitment to evolving its narrative and gameplay, inviting players to delve deeper into a world where mythology and mathematics intersect.

Download Reverse: 1999 now to step into the shoes of a Timekeeper, navigating through time and myth in this strategic RPG adventure.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS

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