AndaSeat and FlyQuest Forge Unprecedented Gaming Partnership

Gaming Innovation Meets Quality

AndaSeat, the name synonymous with cutting-edge gaming chairs and desks, has unveiled a partnership with FlyQuest, one of the top esports and gaming organizations in North America. This alliance will merge the two brands’ innovation, quality, and commitment to the gaming community. The collaboration aims to redefine comfort and performance standards in the gaming arena.

A New Era of Comfort for Gamers

The synergy between AndaSeat’s innovative design and ergonomic mastery and FlyQuest’s pursuit of gaming perfection will lead to a groundbreaking enhancement of the gaming experience. The collaboration is poised to set new benchmarks in professional and enthusiast gaming alike.

Official Partner of FlyQuest League of Legends

Under this novel partnership, AndaSeat becomes the official gaming chair and desk partner for FlyQuest League of Legends. The team’s training facilities and streaming setups will be equipped with AndaSeat’s premium product line. AndaSeat’s gaming chairs, famed for ergonomics, durability, and aesthetics, will offer FlyQuest’s players unmatched support and comfort.

Custom FlyQuest Branded Chairs and Desks

Additionally, FlyQuest and AndaSeat will team up to create a new series of custom FlyQuest branded chairs and desks. This will enable gamers globally to share the same experience as their favorite gaming squad.

Industry Leaders’ Views

Paul Cho, FlyQuest’s Vice President of Partnerships, shared his enthusiasm, noting that AndaSeat’s ergonomic excellence aligns with FlyQuest’s dedication to their players’ success and well-being. Zhou Lin, AndaSeat’s CEO, hailed the partnership as a game-changer, emphasizing a shared passion for performance and comfort.

Coming Attractions

The FlyQuest team will be featured in their new AndaSeat chairs in imminent competitions, including highly-awaited league championships and international tournaments. With ongoing innovation from both companies, fans should brace for a transcendent gaming experience courtesy of the FlyQuest team.

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