Announcing RoboCo, the cute, cuddly & chaotic robot-building sandbox

Filament Games is excited to announce RoboCo, a physics-based construction game about solving the problems of squishy, bouncy humans. Players design the perfect remote-control robot for the job, then put it through its paces across several laboratory tests. Coming to PC via Steam soon, RoboCo will launch into Steam Early Access in early 2021. Players eager for an even earlier peek can also find a playable demo on Steam this week as part of the Yogscast Tiny Teams Festival, available until 5pm GMT, August 17th.

With a background in educational games and support from the US National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research grant program, Filament Games aims to straddle the line between fun and educational with RoboCo. While casual players are free to assemble machines using prefabricated components, those wanting a more in-depth experience can create their own advanced mechanisms. Those wanting the finest level of control can even create custom motor gear assemblies to manage torque. Or you can just stick googly eyes and moustaches on your robots.

Inspired by the greats in the construction sandbox genre, RoboCo gives players the freedom to solve their given tasks as pragmatically or as amusingly as they see fit. Why just deliver a sandwich to a table when you can catapult it across the room? Why use simple wheels when a spider-legged robot waiter is clearly the superior option? Filament Games is excited to see the innovations RoboCo’s players can come up with, and will be hosting construction challenges through the game’s time in Early Access and showcasing the best, brightest and wackiest solutions.


  • Fun and educational. A physics-based construction game for all ages and skill levels.
  • Build any robot you can imagine, wire up the controls to your keyboard and cut loose.
  • Keep it simple with pre-built components or engineer your own precision parts.
  • Use gears and cogs to manage torque, or just slap twenty powered wheels on the chassis.
  • Optional VR support for major headsets (Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, etc.) and touch controllers coming during Early Access.
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