Apex Legends Inner Beast Collection Event: Embrace the Hunt

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Apex Legends Introduces The Hunt in Latest Event

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have launched the Inner Beast Collection Event for Apex Legends: Breakout, running from March 5 to March 19. This event brings a fresh Battle Royale experience with The Hunt and offers players 24 unique, limited-time cosmetics, including notable items like Bloodhound’s “Prowler Guardian” skin and Octane’s Butterfly Knife heirloom, dubbed “Octane’s Prototype.”

The Hunt: Battle Royale Takeover

In The Hunt, players will use a Hunt Datapad to find and eliminate a designated Prey Squad to earn rewards. The Prey Squad, however, has the opportunity to fight back, either by surviving the hunt duration or by eliminating their pursuers, thus earning rewards for themselves. This dynamic introduces a thrilling cat-and-mouse game to the non-ranked Battle Royale matches, where squads can be either hunters or the hunted.

Limited-Time Event Cosmetics

The Inner Beast Collection Event is not just about the hunt; it’s also about the rewards. Players can advance through the Rewards Track to collect 24 limited-time cosmetics. These items range from Bloodhound’s “Prowler Guardian” skin to the “Mawful” C.A.R. SMG skin, designed for close-quarters combat efficiency. Those who manage to collect all 24 items before the event concludes will be rewarded with the exclusive Octane’s Butterfly Knife heirloom, “Octane’s Prototype.”

How to Participate

To join in on The Hunt, players should look for Hunts—unique datapads available in non-Ranked Battle Royale matches. These Hunts allow players to track and be assigned a Prey squad. Hunters receive updates on their Prey’s location but must remain cautious as their Prey is alerted when they are within a close range. Success in the hunt offers rewards, but failure will see the Prey reaping the benefits instead.

Collection Event Items and Reward Tracker

The event features 24 collectible items, including Legendary skins for Bloodhound, Octane, and Caustic, among others. These items can be acquired through Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, or Inner Beast Event Apex Packs throughout the event’s duration. Additionally, a Reward Tracker offers challenges to earn points and badges, complementing the Battle Pass with daily-refreshing challenges.

Store Offers

The Store tab within the game will feature limited-time offers, including bundles with Inner Beast Packs and weekly specials like the “Haunt + Heal” and “Existential Threat” bundles, available for a short period during the event’s runtime.

This Inner Beast Collection Event adds a new layer of strategy and excitement to Apex Legends: Breakout, challenging players to either hunt or evade in the quest for exclusive rewards and the thrill of the chase.

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Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, GeForce Now, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Android, iOS

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