“Apex Legends” Update 1.09 — Is It Good?

Apex Legends’ most recent update has been live since Monday and, after significant time playing with the new changes, this article will cover the biggest parts of the update and how they feel in-game. For the game’s full patch notes, visit the official Apex Legends subreddit where they have an extensive list of all the bug fixes and other changes (some of which are exclusive to specific platforms). This update is full to the brim with things to go over — so let’s get started!

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First off, let’s address the biggest fixes that the team at Respawn Entertainment have applied to the game. One of the major issues I personally had encountered, as well as many in the community, was the extensive audio issues that had been plaguing the game. This was covered in one of my previous Apex Legends articles and it really was a significant issue that caused gun fights to have extremely distorted audio, which would also affect frame rates. Thankfully with the newest patch, this issue has been adjusted. Respawn Entertainment addressed the issue previously in a blog post and this update included the long awaited fix. The other major issue addressed with the patch was the infinite portal exploit for the in-game Legend named Wraith. Again, addressed in the previous “Current Issues” article, the infinite portal exploit had been in the game since its launch … and now its removed so it’s a thing of the past. There is still something that needs to be addressed on the topic of this glitch, as all the issues that went along with the exploit are not fixed. Players are still able to perform the same actions to enter the previous exploit but do not have the same results. This issue allows Wraith to pull out her weaponry before her portal has been completed, which is still not how the ability was designed to be used. Players can shoot and throw equipment while also moving the rest of the distance before the portal appears, when they are meant to not have access to their weapons and are given increased movement speed. Like all good things, there’s still work to be done but players can be happy that the biggest issue with this exploit has been removed.


A prime example of “still work to be done” with Apex Legends was with a previous update that changed Gibraltar and Caustic — two of the in-game Legends. With a previous patch, these Legends had a new perk added to their repertoire: Fortification. By its in-game definition, the perk was designed to make Caustic and Gibraltar take less damage. This did not work as intended when the patch released, and it was not until this most recent update that we now get to use this perk as it was intended. Another aspect that Respawn Entertainment has adjusted with this update is that of the in-game sound levels of various different assets. Lobby music has been turned down, jet pack sound effects have been lowered, player footsteps have been heightened, Wraith’s kunai-knife sound effect has been lowered, Pathfinder footsteps heard from first-person view have been lowered, and they have adjusted the gunfire sound effects for the RE45, Hemlock, Flatline, and R301 rifles across various circumstances. Bug fixes were also applied to various audio issues involving specific circumstances and weapons. These changes have resulted in a better experience across the board as they greatly improve the gameplay in many different aspects of Apex Legends … and now Gibraltar and Caustic can finally be the tank class characters they were meant to be!

The last addition to patch 1.09 worth mentioning is the extensive adjustments made to hit detection. It is well known that Apex Legends has an issue with this mechanic. Whether it’s being hit by shots that you are clearly behind cover from or having shots miss when they are clearly and directly on target but don’t register (better known in the community as “No Reg” or “No Registration” bullets). This update adds “Behind-The-Scenes” tracking of bullet damage logic, allowing the developer to track and adjust hit registration issues in the future but has NOT changed hit detection in game yet at all. The team at Respawn Entertainment are determined to make Apex Legends run as optimized as possible and plan to improve the experience more in the future. For the time being Respawn Entertainment have added a feature that will give players a better indication of their network connection as well as any server latency they may be suffering from via new connection indicators on the upper right of the screen. This is another example of “still work to be done” and it is great that the developers are open and honest about how the issue is not totally fixed yet and is still being worked on.


Patch 1.09 has brought very welcomed additions to Apex Legends but the overall issue of lacking new content is still very prevalent. With no confirmation of new content for Season One, the popularity of Apex Legends has started to go downhill as players feel the game is getting stale. Updates that only address bug fixes and don’t bring new content to the table only go so far in the effort of keeping players engaged … and if Season One has offered up all the content it has available then Season Two of Apex Legends must offer more to players if Respawn Entertainment wants their game to keep growing.

Personally, I have welcomed this update with open arms and am pleased with everything it has brought to the table. Going forward, I hope Respawn Entertainment has big plans for the future of Apex Legends as I enjoy every moment I have playing the game and am eager for new, exciting things. As always, you can rely on GamingLyfe.com for an accurate and informed look at various aspects of the industry! Stay tuned for future Apex Legends news and information.

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