Arizona Sunshine 2 Unveils Next-Gen Co-Op Modes and Post-Launch Plans in Explosive Gameplay Showcase

Vertigo Games Brings Fresh VR Thrills with Full Cross-Platform Support and Advanced Co-Op Features

Cross-Platform Co-Op Modes: A New Era of VR Gaming

Arizona Sunshine 2 levels up the VR experience with its highly-anticipated next-gen sequel. The game, set to launch on December 7th, 2023, for PS VR2, Meta Quest, and PC VR, promises a groundbreaking approach to multiplayer VR gaming. The latest gameplay showcase revealed a full cross-platform multiplayer functionality, featuring a two-player co-op campaign mode and a four-player co-op Horde mode. These modes are designed to build upon the original game’s foundations, incorporating an array of VR interactions and mechanics for an immersive co-op experience.

Post-Launch Plans: Expanding the Horde

Vertigo Games also announced their commitment to post-launch support, including the release of three additional Horde mode maps during the first year. These expansions are set to deepen the gameplay experience, though specific details remain under wraps for now.

Quest 3 Upgrade: Enhanced VR Experience

A special announcement for Meta Quest 3 users was made regarding an upgraded resolution available from day one. Additionally, a post-launch Quest 3 Upgrade is scheduled for release later in December, introducing real-time shadows on dynamic objects, further enhancing the visual fidelity.

Single Player Campaign: New Story and Mechanics

The showcase also featured a playthrough of the new single-player campaign, revealing fresh gameplay details and a glimpse into the all-new, standalone story by acclaimed writer Rob Yescombe. The campaign introduces ‘Buddy,’ the player’s canine companion, alongside advanced combat mechanics like manual reloading, melee combat, and crafting.

Creators’ Co-Op Experience: First-Hand Accounts

VR creators had the opportunity to try out the campaign co-op mode, sharing their experiences and gameplay impressions through long-form videos on their channels. This segment provided viewers with a sneak peek into the co-op gameplay dynamics and the integration of the new companion, Buddy.

Voice Acting Spotlight: Interview with Sky Soleil

The showcase also featured an exclusive interview with lead voice-actor Sky Soleil. Discussing his role in bringing the game’s protagonist to life, Soleil’s insights and a freestyle voice-acting session highlighted the importance of voice acting in the storytelling of “Arizona Sunshine 2.”

Special Promotions: Steam Discounts

To celebrate the upcoming launch, Vertigo Games announced significant discounts on the “Arizona Sunshine” franchise on Steam. This includes up to 80% off on the original game and its DLCs, alongside a pre-order discount for the “Arizona Sunshine 2 – Deluxe Edition.”

Arizona Sunshine 2 is gearing up to redefine VR gaming with its advanced co-op features and engaging storytelling. The game’s release on major VR platforms is eagerly awaited by the gaming community. Pre-orders are now available on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest, and Steam VR.

Platforms: SteamVR, PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 3

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