Atompunk Adventure ‘The Invincible’ Drops Physical and Signature Editions for Next-Gen Consoles and PC

Merge Games and 11 Bit Studios just cranked up the hype dial for fans of hard sci-fi. The publishers announced standard physical and Signature Edition retail versions of their upcoming game The Invincible. These versions will be compatible with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Venture into Stanislaw Lem’s Hard Sci-fi Universe

The game plunges players into the cosmic landscape created by Stanislaw Lem, a juggernaut in the world of hard science fiction. Players assume the role of a top-notch scientist, navigating the enigmatic planet Regis III. The narrative focuses on philosophical conundrums and existential threats as you track down a missing crew.

What’s In the Box: Standard Vs. Signature Editions

Eager to know what’s packed in these editions? For the standard physical versions, hit up reliable retailers across Europe and North America. The Signature Edition levels up your collection with:

  • Physical game complete with special edition sleeve
  • 3D glasses and anaglyph postcards
  • ‘The Invincible’ exclusive art poster
  • Embroidered patch and a set of 4 enamel pins
  • Original comic book featuring concept art and digital soundtrack
  • Handy pocket notebook
  • Customized Signature Edition box

Gameplay Insights: A First-Person Sci-fi Mystery

For those curious about gameplay, ‘The Invincible’ is a first-person adventure centered on motifs from Lem’s iconic novel of the same name. The narrative unfolds on Regis III, a celestial body unfamiliar to humanity.

Meet Yasna: The Scientist Torn Between Two Worlds

Players will step into the shoes of Yasna, a brilliant astrobiologist. Thrust into a space race, Yasna and her team land on the mysterious planet. The expedition quickly morphs into a rescue mission for disappeared crewmates. Your choices shape the outcome, so choose wisely.

Discover the Unknown and Face Humanity’s Pitfalls

The game promises a rollercoaster of scientific marvels and philosophical dilemmas. With the aid of your Astrogator, you will explore haunting landscapes and unravel scientific enigmas. However, be prepared for unexpected threats that challenge human perceptions.

Mark Your Calendars: Pre-orders Now Live

Ready to embark on this cosmic journey? Physical versions of ‘The Invincible’ are scheduled for release later this year. Secure your copy now through Signature Edition Games.

Final Word: Merge Games and 11 Bit Studios Team Up

Powered by Merge Games and developed in collaboration with 11 Bit Studios, ‘The Invincible’ offers an immersive storytelling experience rooted in hard sci-fi. Keep an eye out for more updates as the game nears its launch.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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