Bohemia Interactive Unveils Silica: A Unique RTS/FPS Crossover Game

Bohemia Interactive has announced Silica, an innovative RTS/FPS crossover game set to enter Steam Early Access soon. Developed under the Bohemia Incubator label, the game offers a unique gameplay experience and three distinct game modes. Silica takes place on the distant planet of Baltarus, where players can choose between taking on the role of a Commander in RTS mode or an Infantry soldier in FPS mode.

The Birth of Silica and the Bohemia Incubator

Silica is the brainchild of developer Martin “Dram” Melichárek, known for his work on Take On Mars. The idea for Silica was first conceived in 2008, and thanks to the support of Bohemia Incubator, Melichárek’s vision has become a reality. The Bohemia Incubator is a new label from Bohemia Interactive aimed at assisting indie game developers in bringing their dream games to a global audience. Silica is expected to remain in Early Access for 9-12 months, with several major updates planned throughout this period.

An Immersive Blend of RTS and FPS Gameplay

Players in Silica have the choice between two distinct gameplay styles. As an Infantry soldier, players can experience intense first-person shooter action, controlling various vehicles and engaging in combat with alien creatures. Alternatively, the Commander role allows players to strategize and command their forces from orbit, constructing structures and deploying units on the battlefield.

Three Engaging Game Modes

Silica offers players a choice of three game modes: Strategy, Prospector, and Arena. Strategy mode combines both RTS and FPS elements in a battle for dominance between factions. Prospector mode serves as a tutorial, where players explore the planet and search for Balterium fields while fending off enemy forces. Finally, Arena mode provides a chaotic FPS free-for-all, allowing players to select their favorite unit and engage in unbalanced battles.

Silica offers an array of features, including:

  • First/third-person shooter with vehicle control
  • Six unique locations
  • Three engaging game modes
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer options
  • Five infantry classes
  • Eleven distinct vehicles
  • Eight alien creatures
  • AI control for both commander and units

Bohemia Incubator: A Platform for Indie Game Developers

Bohemia Interactive has a history of supporting indie game developers through publishing activities. With the introduction of the Bohemia Incubator label, the company aims to continue fostering the development and launch of successful titles from smaller studios on the global market.

Silica is an innovative RTS/FPS crossover game with a variety of gameplay options and modes. Developed under the Bohemia Incubator label, it represents the company’s commitment to supporting indie game developers in realizing their creative visions. Keep an eye out for Silica as it enters Steam Early Access soon.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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