Boston Uprising Partways with Handful of Players

The Boston Uprising announced today the retirement of tank player Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth. They also announced the release of Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse, Sangmin “Myunbong” Seo, Jin-ui “Im37” Hong, and Ji-won “Stand1” Seo.

Fusions, a 22-year-old tank player from England, signed with the Uprising before the 2019 season. Prior to that, he was briefly on Uprising Academy after competing in Overwatch Contenders in Europe for two years.

“Cam has always been someone who consistently showed up, did his best, and shot called regardless of results,” said Chris “HuK” Loranger, President of the Uprising. “He was a genuinely constant positive impact on the team every year.”

Colourhex, a 23-year-old damage player from New Zealand, signed with the Uprising prior to the 2019 season. Before that, he was competing on various teams in Overwatch Contenders in Australia and then with Uprising’s previous academy team Toronto Esports briefly before joining the main roster.

“Kelsey is one of the hardest-working players I have ever known,” HuK said. “His presence will be sorely missed, and we’ll be forever grateful for his tenacity and contributions to the team, both as a player and a teammate.”

Myunbong, a 22-year-old support player from South Korea, signed with the Uprising prior to the 2020 season. Before that, he competed in Contenders in Korea on WGS Armament and O2 Blast.

“Beyond his star-level performances, Sangmin’s antics constantly brought a smile to people’s faces,” HuK said. “He is extremely talented, and I am certain that he will be a force to be reckoned with if he wants to continue his career moving into Overwatch 2.”

im37, a 21-year-old damage player from South Korea, signed with the Uprising prior to the 2021 season. Previously, he played in the Overwatch League in 2019 with the Toronto Defiant, before joining the Uprising Academy at the beginning of 2020 and being loaned out to WGS Phoenix for the second half of 2020.

“Jin’s impact on our team extended beyond the server,” HuK said. “Culturally, he was a player who brought our whole team together. Being able to speak both Korean and English fluently, all while maintaining a happy-go-lucky personality, Jin helped the team greatly.”

Stand1, a 22-year-old tank player from South Korea, signed with the Uprising prior to the 2021 season. Previously he was competing on various Contenders teams in Korea and North America before joining the Shanghai Dragons in the Overwatch League for the 2020 season.

“With plenty of rookie players around him, Jiwon brought much-needed veteran presence, perspective, and leadership to our group this year, all while being a consistent performer in the server,” said HuK.

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