New Game Festival ‘Indie Games Make It Better’ Celebrates LGBTQIA+, Indie Games, & Developers

Playtra Games and Gayming Magazine join forces to launch “Indie Games Make It Better,” a weeklong gaming marathon to benefit the It Gets Better Project.

Indie Games Make It Better kicks off on National Coming Out Day, October 11th, 2021, and runs through October 17th, 2021. The festival highlights more than a dozen indie games made by LGTBQIA+ developers and teams and invites streamers to fundraise for the It Gets Better Project, a nonprofit providing critical support and hope to LGBTQ+ young people around the world.
“Indie games offer developers the chance to tell wholesome, real stories and dive into some pretty contentious areas,” Robin Gray, founder of Gayming Magazine says. “This freedom to write and craft stories is something that the big studios struggle with because they are usually worried about their bottom line rather than telling the best possible story.”
The creative potential and the accessibility of indie game developers have made it a major beachhead for LGBTQIA+ developers, creating impactful stories inside and outside of games. Some indies use their games to tell LGBTQ stories, but many indies are using their behind-the-scenes access to build diverse teams, champion welcoming workplaces, and tear down barriers for underrepresented creators and players.

“This is about addition, not subtraction,” Dan Bernardo, Playtra Games founder says. “Despite the increasing awareness of the importance of adding diverse voices to the gaming industry, very little investment and trust go to indie projects, especially those developed by LGBTQIA+ creators. Despite that, indies will continue risking everything, trailblazing trends, and using these wonderful empathy-making machines called games to support great causes like the It Gets Better Project. And I hope more big players in the industry eventually join us in this mission.”

Indie Games Make It Better features more than 40 streamers and over a dozen indie games. Players are invited to explore this treasure trove of titles from a wide array of genres and to jump into stream communities playing these games live. 100 percent of donations go to the It Gets Better Project to support their work with LGBTQ+ youth.

Official supporters of Indie Games Make It Better include:

  • Creative Assembly
  • Accidental Queens
  • Snoozy Kazoo
  • Deli Interactive
  • Beautiful Glitch
  • Perfect Garbage
  • Grimorio of Games
  • Split Fate Studios
  • Rocket Adrift
  • Seagull Fish Entertainment
  • IV Productions
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