Caliber’s Exciting New Event: Common Cause: Single Strike and Introduction of Storm Mode

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1C Game Studios has announced an exciting event, Common Cause: Single Strike, to commemorate the upcoming Victory Day, along with the introduction of a new Storm mode for their popular tactical third-person multiplayer shooter, Caliber.

The event, running from April 26th to May 17th (6am UTC), will enable players with account level 11 or higher to collaborate and advance the frontline, earning valuable rewards together. Common Cause is structured similarly to a Battle Pass, but progress is shared among all players, with individual players’ efforts and contributions also acknowledged and rewarded.

Highlights of the special event include:

  • Earning Combat Merits, which contribute to the community’s overall score. Upon reaching a Common Cause milestone, the frontline advances, with 13 Single Strike and 13 Personal Impact rewards available.
  • Personal Impact objectives for each operator, with Personal Rewards granted upon starting the next Common Cause step.
  • Earning Combat Merits in the Storm and Onslaught: Legend modes, as well as through daily and weekly objectives.
  • Completing Special Operation objectives to obtain additional Combat Merits and Envelopes, which can be used to purchase items in the event store, call in reinforcements, and launch fireworks at the HQ.
  • A Single Strike event booster to accelerate frontline movement and Personal Impact objective progress, providing +200% Combat Merits for a victory.

The new Storm mode offers a thematic PvE experience centered on the Allies’ efforts to breach the powerful defenses of the Third Reich. A separate collection of characters is available exclusively for this mode, with the Soviet-American unit comprising familiar classes and several unique mechanics for combat preparations and matches.

Storm mode will be accessible to players of level 11 and above between April 26th and May 24th, before maintenance begins.

Caliber is an online multiplayer third-person shooter that emphasizes tactical cooperation among players, who assume the roles of one of four operators with distinct roles. The game offers both PVP and PVE modes, requiring players to accurately assess situations and coordinate their teamwork to emerge victorious.

Each operator in Caliber possesses a unique set of skills, weapons, and special abilities:

  • Assault – Highly mobile and capable of quickly eliminating dangerous opponents.
  • Marksman – Skilled at long-range elimination of dangerous enemies and highly self-sufficient.
  • Medic – Responsible for healing the wounded, lightly armed and vulnerable, but crucial to mission success.
  • Support – Sturdy and heavily armed, provides cover for teammates and reduces damage taken by allies.

Caliber entered open beta in late 2019 and has continually evolved based on player feedback. It was recently launched on Steam, featuring language support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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