Card-Based Tower Defense Roguelike Guardians of Holme Launches on Steam Early Access on June 16th

MossTech Studio, in collaboration with independent publisher Indienova, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of their card-based roguelite tower defense game, Guardians of Holme, on Steam Early Access. Set to release on June 16th, the game combines strategic tower defense gameplay with deckbuilding and roguelike elements. Players will strategically deploy traps and defenses to repel relentless waves of enemies while progressing through dynamically changing terrains. With a wide array of traps, artifacts, and heroes to choose from, Guardians of Holme offers a unique and challenging experience for players seeking tactical mastery.

Unleash Tactical Prowess in a Tower Defense World

In Guardians of Holme, players assume the role of a skilled artisan from the kingdom of Holme, entrusted with the crucial task of defending their homeland against hordes of demons. Harnessing the power of traps and strategic ingenuity, players must protect the kingdom’s last line of defense. By utilizing the terrain to their advantage and adapting their tactics to diverse enemy types, players will need to think on their feet and develop the most effective strategies to prevail.

Engaging Gameplay and Unique Features

The early access version of Guardians of Holme offers players the opportunity to experience two distinct playstyles by selecting one of two characters: Seth and Nicole. Each character brings their own unique talents, abilities, and cards to the table, allowing players to tailor their approach and devise personalized strategies.

With a vast array of traps, artifacts, and heroes, each playthrough promises a fresh and exciting experience. Players can experiment with different trap combinations, ranging from maximizing the damage of a single trap to utilizing displacement traps to strategically manipulate enemy movement. The game’s dynamic difficulty ensures that challenges increase progressively, keeping players engaged and on their toes.

Immersive World and Continuous Development

Guardians of Holme presents a captivating world where the forces of evil threaten the prosperity of the Royal City. As players defend against demonic legions, they will unravel the mysteries of the kingdom’s history and the resurgence of the dormant demons. The development team is committed to refining the game based on player feedback during the early access phase, with plans to introduce new characters, traps, artifacts, and game modes.

Prepare for an Epic Early Access Adventure

With its innovative blend of tower defense, roguelike mechanics, and deckbuilding, Guardians of Holme offers an immersive and challenging experience for players seeking strategic depth. The game’s launch on Steam Early Access on June 16 opens the door to an ever-evolving world where player participation and feedback are highly valued. Don’t miss the opportunity to shape the future of Guardians of Holme and contribute to its growth as a captivating tower defense roguelite.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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