Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder’s First Major Post Launch Content Update Coming Soon

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder – The Return of the Chompys

This major update will have many changes to the game that will affect the mining runs, along with more enemies, endings, and most of all, more Chompys!

As the title suggests, we are adding more Chompys. Namely the Miner Chompy, Punk Chompy, and the Hellraiser Chompy. Not all of them will be friendly to the players so you better be fast!

With this new system brought to you by the Merchant Trading Company, you will be able to decide what kind of situation you will face before descending deep into the mines! Will you have more riches? Or will you have more peril and mayhem? The only way to know is to ROLL.

It’s the Drone. It’ll fly, it’ll zap, and it’ll shoot the adventurous miners that come into the Eerie Ruins area with weak and feeble minds!

These costumes below (and more) will be added to the game with this update. Find relics that correspond to the costumes and suit up to show your co-op partners what’s the newest miner style!

Two New Hidden Game-ending Events

Like the other ending sequences, you’ll find some form of a puzzle and/or hidden location where you can start a beautiful game-ending event that upon completion rewards the player with an achievement. The game progress is saved automatically so you can start the endings as many times as you’d like without penalty.


Additional things as follows:

  • New features and gameplay changes
  • Added Miner Chompy to help the player dig and loot
  • Added Punk Chompy to cause random havoc
  • Added Hellraiser Chompy to haunt the player
  • Expanded Sister Chompy to heal and rez the player
  • Expanded Frontier Chompy to help the player in combat
  • Added two new game endings
  • Added Drone enemy
  • Added re-rollable run roller to the elevator to add random properties to mining runs
  • Added 94 new Clayton (NPC) voice lines
  • Added environmental hazards
  • Added an intro
  • Added Chompy codex
  • Dynamite now opens diggingspots
  • Tutorial redesign
  • Tweaked mining look and feel
  • Added joy-up for teleporting
  • Added rope sliding with hands

Bug fixes and visual changes

  • Fixed camera on PiMax headsets
  • Fixed lots of bugging props
  • Frogger ending fixes
  • Added distance checks to enemy-specific voice lines
  • Fixed Mama Nautiloid loot force
  • Disable Worker’s Glove when in the menu
  • Removed popup follow
  • Fixed loot pools errand
  • Fixed abandon button not sometimes working
  • Fixed loot grinder sometimes losing loot
  • Re-textured cabin inside and outside
  • Added environment particles in the Coral biome
  • Trigger saved achievements on start
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