Chaotic Online Shooter Dead Cide Club Officially Enters Early Access

Break out the dinosaur onesies – side-scrolling online shooter Dead Cide Club is now available for free via Steam Early Access! Developed by Press A, a subsidiary of Devsisters Co., the game is currently being planned for full launch on PC and PlayStation 5 at a later date.

Dead Cide Club boldly breaks away from the first-person shooter (FPS) genre with a unique, side-scrolling interpretation of fast-paced, fluid, and fun gunplay.. Tired of brushing up on traditional FPS skills like precision aiming and reload timing? In Dead Cide Club, you’ll think on the fly and make split-second decisions in the midst of intense and insane warfare.

Dead Cide Club had two beta tests and several focus group tests (FGT) last year. Since then, it has evolved through user feedback and improved game systems. In addition to enhanced weapon balancing and control, the game added Cartels and a perk system to make gameplay more exciting, and introduced core features such as “Domination Mode” and “Horde Mode.”

In Early Access, players can experience this snappy multi-action PvP and PvE brawl through three modes: ‘Battle Royal Trio’, a survival game where three players team up to become the last survivor; ‘Domination’, a 5 vs. 5 match that requires cooperative play to dominate three specific areas; and ‘Horde Mode’, a PvE mode where three players fight against a flood of monsters.’God Mode,’ which allows players to participate in battle royale showdowns, will be available soon.

Dead Cide Club’s seven cartels (or groups of killers, for those out of the loop), including Gangsters, Nerds, Prisoners, Agents, Psychopaths, Hipsters, and Soldiers, and a perk system add to the fun of unlocking new perks and whip up lunatic strategies. Each of the seven cartels has distinct passive skills, and players can create cartel-specific skill trees through the perk system. As players level up, unique skills and perks are unlocked, allowing them to freely build their own meticulous strategic meta, such as enhancing specific stats or weapons.

The seven cartels, which are in constant competition to stay alive, will continue to expand the game world based on their respective stories.

platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

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