Dante Unbound Unleashed: A Glimpse into Warframe’s Latest Updates

New Abilities, Missions, and Anniversary Celebrations on the Horizon

Warframe’s development team, Digital Extremes, recently unveiled a host of updates in their latest Devstream, including the introduction of Dante, the 56th Warframe. This update also features a new mission type, substantial changes to Warframe Inaros, and details on the 11th Anniversary celebrations at PAX East.

Unpacking Dante’s Toolkit

Dante, dubbed the master of reality’s pages, brings a unique ability set to the battlefield. With the Exalted Weapon, Noctua, Dante can cast Light or Dark Verses to bolster allies’ health or unleash Slash Damage against foes with blood-slashing needles. The innovative ability system allows for dynamic spell combos, culminating in the Final Verse, which either equips allies with Noctua or summons giant owl-like Paragrimms to aid in battle.

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Deep Archimedea: A New Challenge Awaits

Deep Archimedea merges three existing mission types into a continuous, weekly rotating challenge, promising some of the most rewarding loot in the game. Players must navigate these missions in succession without breaks, testing their adaptability and resilience.

Encounter the Gruzzling and Arm Up

The addition of the Murmur faction and its loot goblin, the Gruzzling, introduces a new target for players seeking valuable resources. Additionally, new weapons, including the Ruvox melee fist weapon and the Onos secondary arm-cannon, await in the Entrati Disruption mission.

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Inaros Rework: A Sandstorm Reimagined

Inaros undergoes a significant rework, enhancing his gameplay with a more engaging passive ability, guaranteed status effect triggers, and an overhaul of his base abilities. Notable changes include an independent Scarab Armor ability, an improved Sandstorm for quicker summoning and movement, and the ability for the Scarab Swarm ultimate to summon allies.

PAX East: A Celebration of Warframe’s Legacy

The 11th Anniversary of Warframe will be celebrated at PAX East, offering fans a chance to connect with the development team and voice actors, including Ben Starr of Final Fantasy XVI. The PAX Edition Devstream, airing live on March 22, promises major announcements and insights into Warframe’s future narrative and the nostalgic return to the ’90s theme.

Megan Everett, Community Director, expresses enthusiasm for reconnecting with the Tenno community in-person after more than five years, highlighting the significance of celebrating the 11th Anniversary at PAX.

Warframe Leaps to iOS: A New Era of Mobile Gameplay

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S

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