Definitely Not Fried Chicken Sizzles onto Steam: The Breaking Bad Inspired Business Sim You Can’t Miss

Yo, gamers! Heads up—Maximum Entertainment and Dope Games just dropped some sizzlin’ news for ya. Their Breaking Bad-esque biz sim, ‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken,’ has officially launched on Steam. If you’ve been waitin’ since its Early Access days, get ready to grind in the world of narcotics and “legit” businesses.

Slick New Features and Overhauled Systems

Version 1 of ‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken’ is packin’ heat with a lineup of fresh content. Whether it’s a revamped UI or the latest in the world of “nose candy,” this update has got it all.

  • New Drug Line + Variations
    • Cocaine
    • Crack Cocaine
    • Pure Cocaine
    • Flaming Cocaine
  • 2 Fresh Business Ventures
    • Casino
    • Nightclub
  • New Wheels on the Block: Truck Delivery Vehicle
  • Clients You Never Saw Comin’
    • Nuns
    • The Devil Himself
  • Story End-Game Content: Wrap up your in-game journey

The game’s not only leveling up its features but also offering a 20% launch discount until 6/10/23. Yeah, you read that right.

Turn Dreams of Narco Empire into Pixel Reality

Ever fantasized about being a narco kingpin? In ‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken,’ you get to manage both sides of the operation, from “slinging dope” to laundering that green through “totally legitimate” businesses.

Setting and Gameplay Mechanics

Set against the sunny backdrop of 80’s Paradise City, this game tests your entrepreneurial muscle. From operating a crack cocaine facility to managing a nightclub, it’s all about keepin’ your hustle tight.

  • Fortify your compound’s defenses
  • Research and develop top-tier narcotics
  • Establish crucial distribution routes

Balance Your Portfolio Like a Pro

Sure, you gotta keep your illegal operations humming, but don’t snooze on your “legitimate” businesses. Make sure your fried chicken shops and laundromats are up to snuff. Upgrade facilities, improve staff equipment, and you’ll see those profits soar.

Manage Your Crew for Max Gains

It’s not just about the product; it’s also about your peeps. Keep your workforce happy and accommodated to make sure they’re giving 110% on that grind.


To sum it all up, ‘Definitely Not Fried Chicken’ offers a layered biz sim experience. If you play your cards right, Narcos ain’t got nothin’ on you. So, if you’re all about that entrepreneurial hustle with a pinch of Breaking Bad, this title might just be your next go-to game.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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