Destiny 2: Review of the Video Game

Destiny 2 is the sequel to the multiplayer sci-fi action video game that lets players dive into an immersive adventure across the solar system. According to the plot of the game, the Red Legion captured the last stronghold of humanity on Earth. So, now players have to recapture it. Not everything is so easy. The campaign will take about 12 hours to complete. Players will have a joint game for four people, while a competitive mode designed for two teams (4 – 4).

Basic Game Features

Destiny 2 is a very rhythmic game. Here, you do not have time for long thinking, trials to find your way, or sitting behind shelters. Such a tactic will not work. Through any level, you sweep with lightning, making the most of the environment, juggling cannons, and shooting off heads of aliens. When taking part in the Destiny 2 trials carry the game, you will see that it almost never slows down or stops. And for this, you don’t even need to hone your skills and train for a long time. Everything happens by itself, and this is a good feeling. Therefore, we can safely say that Destiny 2 is a great shooter that you should definitely try if you don’t care about multiplayer.

Game Specs

Just like any video game, Destiny 2 comes with particular mechanics. The game consists of several elements at once:

  • Gunplay;
  • Clever opponents;
  • Excellent level design.

Gaming settings in Destiny 2 are generally a topic for an accurate analysis. They are just huge, but you will never get lost on them. It is always intuitively clear about where to go. But most importantly, Destiny 2 is simply enjoyable to shoot, with any weapon, at any opponent. Sound, recoil, spread, enemy reaction to hits – everything is at the highest level. The developers at Bungie had a good practice on Halo, and here they reached the top.

At the same time, keep in mind that there are dozens and even hundreds of guns in Destiny 2, and they all differ not only in characteristics but also in the very “physics” of shooting. Two different arms come with two different mechanics, which can seriously redesign your playstyle.

This is not just conditional loot but a well-developed arsenal: both from a design point of view and from gameplay. The developers have done a titanic job, and there is hardly another shooter that is equally diverse in terms of weapons. Although here, it is not so much a matter of diversity as the fact that in Destiny 2, everyone will find a gun to their liking. RPG elements are immediately triggered as well, thanks to which you can keep your favorite weapon up to date, constantly pumping it. You do not have to use more powerful but boring weapons for you by force. Give it a try.

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  1. I smell something fishy in this article! I have read a lot of articles written by AI (out of mere curiosity), and this article sounds like it was written by AI and not by a human. Go back and look at all the awkward phrasing. One example: “Gaming settings in Destiny 2 are generally a topic for an accurate analysis. They are just huge, but you will never get lost on them.” Only an AI would write something like that! Or perhaps the writer is a non-English speaker, and used an article generator to help compose the review.


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