Disney Dreamlight Valley Welcomes The Laugh Floor Update

A Dive into Monstrous Adventures

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A New Realm of Laughs

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first update of 2024, titled “The Laugh Floor,” is now available across all gaming platforms. This update introduces players to a new realm within the Dream Castle, inspired by the Monsters, Inc. universe. Players are invited to create a monstrous disguise, complete with a standard issue Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat, to seamlessly integrate into their new role on The Laugh Floor. The update includes a series of quests where players assist Mike Wazowski and Sulley in various tasks, promising the addition of two new friends in Dreamlight Valley.

Special Surprises in Your Mailbox

Following the successful Community Challenge in 2022, players will discover two special items in their in-game mailbox: a Dreamlight Armor costume and a Partners Statue, reminiscent of the iconic Disney Parks statue. These rewards are now available for all players, adding unique elements to their Dreamlight Valley experience.

Monstrous Customization Options

With the latest update, the player customization menu expands to include new monstrous options. Fantasy skin tones, patterns, contact lenses, and even fantasy ear shapes are now available, allowing players to further personalize their avatars.

Scrooge McDuck’s Store Upgrades

In a surprising turn of events, Scrooge McDuck’s store receives a major upgrade without any cost to players. The expansion includes a larger upper level and various new areas for purchasing different types of furniture, alongside increased chances to acquire missing collection items.

Embrace the “Lovely Monsters” Star Path

The update introduces the “Lovely Monsters” Star Path, featuring new cosmetics, makeup, wig options, and Monsters University-inspired Dream Styles for Mike and Sulley. Additionally, players can decorate their valleys with Swan Boats, Chocolate Fountains, and Disney’s Hercules themed outdoor furniture.

Premium Shop Additions

The Premium Shop is updated with new items, including a Boo Onesie and a Dreamlight Valley rendition of the Monsters, Inc. attraction. The update also brings back fan favorites from past Star Paths, available in weekly shop rotations this season.

Spring into the Eggstravaganza Event

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Spring event, Eggstravaganza, returns from March 27th to April 17th. Players can look forward to collecting Wild Spring Eggs, Spring V-EGG-etables, and Egg-cellent fruit, contributing to seasonal Dreamlight Duties and crafting seasonal furniture. The event also features daily and weekly quests with WALL·E to gather extra event materials.

This update marks a significant addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley, expanding the game’s universe with new quests, customization options, and seasonal events. Players can now explore “The Laugh Floor” realm, engage with beloved characters, and personalize their experience in the valley with the latest features.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Enchanting Adventure Awaits

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Mac App Store

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