Dive into the Apocalypse: Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars Arrives This June

Embrace the Chaos of Tabletop Warfare with New Factions and No-Assembly Miniatures

Prepare to Conquer the Wasteland in Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars – Launching June 4

Set to unleash chaos upon tabletops this summer, Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars is ready to captivate fans with its kinetic blend of strategy and survival. Announced today by Free League Publishing, the game drops players into a harrowing post-apocalyptic landscape starting June 4, 2024.

A Tabletop Battle of Survival

In this gripping addition to the Mutant: Year Zero franchise, players lead bands of mutant Stalkers across the perilous Zone, clashing with other factions to salvage priceless artifacts left by the Ancients. The game promises a high-octane skirmish experience, infusing the desolate backdrop of a post-apocalyptic wasteland with frantic, edge-of-your-seat confrontations.

Stellar Design and No-Fuss Setup

The game’s design credentials are top-tier, with industry legends like Andy Chambers and Tomas Härenstam steering the creation. Not only does Zone Wars feature meticulously crafted gameplay mechanics, but it also offers a striking set of miniatures designed by Alejandro Muñoz Martín and Daniel BlueIce. These 32 mm figures come sundropped, ensuring they are battle-ready straight out of the box, streamlining the setup and letting players dive right into the action.

Beyond Just Skirmishes

Expanding the battlefield, Zone Wars introduces the Robots & Psionics expansion on launch day. This addition allows up to four players to partake simultaneously, adding layers of strategy with two new factions—the self-aware Mechatron Hive and the enigmatic Nova Cult.

Roleplaying Meets Tactical Combat

Zone Wars is more than a mere extension of the Mutant: Year Zero universe. It integrates seamlessly with the RPG elements of its predecessor, allowing players to transition their favorite characters between the role-playing and tabletop skirmish scenarios. This synergy offers an expansive narrative experience, enriching both the storylines and gameplay.

Inside the Core Set

The core set of Zone Wars equips two players with everything needed for immediate play:

  • Ark Mutants and Genlab Tribe: Two distinct factions, each with a rich backstory and unique motivations.
  • Comprehensive Game Components: Includes ten detailed miniatures, 83 playing cards, 105 tokens, ten custom dice, a 36″ × 36″ game mat, three sheets of cardboard terrain, and a rulebook featuring five scenarios and campaign rules.

Game Mechanics

The gameplay is accessible yet deep. Based on the dice pool mechanics familiar to Mutant: Year Zero players, success in the game hinges on strategic dice rolls and managing the risks of pushing one’s luck. The initiative system keeps gameplay dynamic, ensuring that each player is constantly engaged, while special abilities from mutations and robot modules can drastically alter the flow of battle.

What’s Next?

As Mutant Year Zero: Zone Wars prepares for its grand entrance into the gaming scene, players can already secure their copy through a pre-order launched today in the Free League webshop. Ready for a battle that could reshape the wasteland? Mark your calendars for June 4, because Zone Wars promises a fusion of chaos and strategy that’s not to be missed.

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