Dominate the Top Lane in League of Legends: The Ultimate Guide

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Starting the match as a top laner comes with a wide array of responsibilities. Therefore, those who don’t have experience playing this game can find being on top of the map a little bit challenging. It certainly requires a lot of playing hours before you can say that you’re competent to fulfill all the responsibilities properly.

We are about more than just understanding all the requirements but also choosing the right champion. Not being ready for these challenges and not finding the champion that will make answering these possible leads to an opponent having the upper hand. So today, we want to show you how to dominate the top lane in greater detail.

Selecting a Champion


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Choosing the right champion can make all the difference in the top lane. In most cases, you will see that most players prefer to choose a tank champion to prevent failing too easily in the first couple of minutes of a match. Besides sustaining great damage from opponents, the champion should also inflict great damage.

However, if you are about to play against just one opponent on the lane, you are free to make any choice you see fit. If you ask experienced players, the commonest advice you will get is to choose a summoner. Doing so can spawn additional minions and have the upper hand over the opponent.

Among the characters with the best summoner spells out there, you will find Jhin. By focusing on having the best possible build, you can reduce the cooldown of the spells. Ultimately, your champion can summon many minions in the shortest time possible. First, you will need to find the most suitable build.

Patient Approach

It would help if you took your time proving that you’re better than your opponent. Instead, we suggest you utilize the patient approach. It means that you should see how your opponent acts in certain situations. Then, you can predict some of these moves and take the chance when needed.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to what happens in other lanes. Experienced players know that the top lane is a little bit challenging when moving around the map. Therefore, you should always have teleport with you. By doing so, you can come to help your teammates in a time of need or when you’re planning an ambush.

A good example of this is playing as a tank. When you’re strong enough, you can teleport quickly and raise havoc in the enemy lines. But, of course, you should plan all these moves carefully. Rushing will not help you achieve any positive results. It’s quite the contrary; your opponents may get more resources and experience if you fall.

Grouping or Split-Pushing

After you find the champion, you will have a rough idea about when is the right time for your team to group or split-push. First, we need to describe both of these terms. Split-pushing is a laning phase that extends throughout the whole game. You will start in the top lane, but the chances of your team grouping after some period are quite high.

Depending on your strategy, you might start pushing the bottom lane. Appearing down there will surprise your opponents and give you a serious advantage. Sure, these attacks should be planned to the smallest details to succeed. However, if you are roaming on the map and some fighting starts, you should join your team as soon as possible.

As you can presume, your action in these moments depends on a wide array of different elements. For instance, it is important that all your team members are active on the map and fully prepared for the upcoming fight. Entering the fight unprepared will not produce a beneficial outcome for you.

Wave Management

Using minions to your advantage is one of the most efficient ways to get the upper hand on the top lane. We are talking about quite a long lane, and chances for you getting help from others are low. It would help if you made the most out of all the elements on the top lane, including your minions.

The control of your minions is known as wave management. Controlling your minions is a great way to counter the opponents and their efforts. Through maneuvering, it becomes possible for you to reap as much experience and gold as possible and deny your opponents the same chance at the same time.

Naturally, taking your opponent’s action is an absolute must. If your opponent is more aggressive, you should stand your ground and defend your position. When opponents want to play defensibly, you should take the initiative. However, it would help if you remained calm and careful not to make mistakes that can lead you to fail.

Try to Learn from Your Opponents

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Lastly, we advise you to learn from your opponents as much as possible. League’s matchmaking has a good system that will provide you with competent players. Since these opponents are, let’s say, in your league, overcoming them is manageable, but you can still learn something in the process.

Of course, there is always a chance you will go up against a complete beginner. However, you should be careful. When you don’t pay enough attention to your opponent’s moves, you cannot act properly and might face negative surprises, which nobody wants.

One of the first things you should look at is your opponent’s wave management. Expert players can take care of these situations efficiently and perform the last hits. However, if they are too good for you to handle, you should resolve to perform last hits yourself, minimize the resources they can obtain, and prevent their leveling up.


Dominating the top lane is a challenging and challenging thing to do. You can only get an advantage over your opponents in some situations. Here, we’ve gone through all the most important elements that will help you increase your chances of success. We are certain you will find all of them to be most useful.

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